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Many high-level zones provide buffing and potion-like non-food items, some of which are useful for end-game activities. These can be collected repeatedly, but only after completing certain quests in the zone. Thes buffs are zone-specific in that you need to go to a specific zone to get the buff, collect the reagents, or make the item.

Felwood Plants

You must first complete the quest Cleansing Felwood given by Arathandris Silversky (Alliance) or Maybess Riverbreeze (Horde), who can be found near the road to Emerald Sanctuary. You will be given a [Cenarion Beacon], which, when held in your inventory, allows you to collect [Corrupted Soul Shard] from mobs in Felwood. You can also collect other drops based on your profession. For example, you will collect Fel Creep every time you gather herbs or Tainted Vitriol every time you mine ore. These items only drop in Felwood. You can repeatedly turn in quantities of these items to the NPC and get two Cenarion Plant Salve in exchange.

You can then use the salve to cleanse the corrupted plants that spawn at certain set locations around Felwood. A cleansed plant gives you a reward and then can not be interacted with for a while. 25 minutes after a cleansing, you (or any other player) can harvest the plant again without using salve. Eventually, the plant will despawn or respawn as a corrupted plant.

Plant Salve needed Reward Effect
Corrupted Songflower 2 Salve Songflower Serenade
This is a direct buff, not an item
Increases chance for a melee, ranged, or spell critical by 5% and all attributes by 15 for 1 hour.
Corrupted Windblossom 2 Salve 8-12 Windblossom Berries Use: Restores 1933 health over 27 sec. Must remain seated while eating. Also increases your Stamina by 10 for 10 min.
Corrupted Whipper Root 3 Salve 3-7 Whipper Root Tuber Use: Restores 700 to 900 health.
Corrupted Night Dragon 4 Salve 3-7 Night Dragon's Breath Use: Restores 394 to 456 mana and 394 to 456 health.

All these items are on a 2 minute cooldown shared with healthstones and other "non-aggressive" items (but separate from potions.) After the appropriate amount of salve is applied, the plant changes to "Cleansed <plant name>". Some of the items produced are not technically buffs, but are listed here for completeness.

Map of plant locations

Winterspring Juju

Witchdoctor Mau'ari is in Everlook will give you Juju items when you bring her e'ko, which you can sometimes get from creatures throughout Winterspring. You need to have the Cache of Mau'ari with you to collect the e'ko, and also to use the Juju once you've received it. You must complete two quests for her first. As of patch 1.12.2, it is most efficient to farm E'kos in a group or raid. If you are grouped and an E'ko drops, everyone in the group/raid gets to loot one, provided they meet the above prerequisites. If you already have plenty, you can help out others by just being in the group to make an extra one drop and giving it to them! These buffs do NOT stack with castable buffs!

Jujus are now available to both Alliance and Horde.

E'ko type Reward Effect Duration
3x Chillwind 3x Juju Chill +15 Frost Resist 10 min
3x Frostmaul 3x Juju Might +40 Attack Power 10 min
3x Frostsaber 3x Juju Flurry +3% Attack Speed 20 sec
3x Ice Thistle 3x Juju Escape +5% Dodge 10 sec
3x Shardtooth 3x Juju Ember +15 Fire Resist 10 min
3x Wildkin 3x Juju Guile +30 Intellect 30 min
3x Winterfall 3x Juju Power +30 Strength 30 min

Un'Goro Crystals

Throughout Un'Goro Crater, as you may have noticed, are lots of multicolored crystals growing out of the ground. If you collect them, you'll be able to use them in the 3 pylons located in the North, East, and West areas of the crater to produce items that you can use at any time to give you a certain buff. You need to complete the Crystals of Power and Making Sense of It quests to be able to use the pylons.

These buffs do NOT stack with castable buffs! These buff items can be used on friendly targets.

Crystals Pylon Reward Effect Duration
10x Yellow
10x Green
Northern 6x Crystal Restore Heal 670 HP 15 sec
10x Red
10x Yellow
Northern 6x Crystal Charge 383 to 517 fire damage to targets within 3 yards Instant
10x Blue
10x Yellow
Eastern 6x Crystal Spire 12 damage to enemy each time you're hit 10 min
10x Green
10x Blue
Eastern 6x Crystal Force +30 Spirit 30 min
10x Red
10x Blue
Western 6x Crystal Yield -200 Armor (to enemy) 2 min
10x Red
10x Green
Western 6x Crystal Ward +200 Armor 30 min

Blasted Lands Blood Elves Concoctions

There are two Blood Elves in the Northeast corner of the Blasted Lands who will give you certain items when you bring them certain parts from the animals in the area. It's pretty obvious which parts come from which animals. All of the concoctions are unique so you can only carry one of each at a time; however, you can carry as many of the ingredients as you have bag space for. Upon turning in each quest for the very first time, you will receive the buff of the concoction rewarded in addition to the concoction itself. You may only have one of these five buffs active at any given time (i.e. they do not stack with each other).
They stack with castable buffs, but counting as a battle/guardian elixir, the do not stack with other elixirs of the same type.

All concoctions have a shared 60 min. cooldown.

Components Reward Effect Duration
10x Basilisk Brain
2x Vulture Gizzard
Cerebral Cortex Compound +25 Intellect 60 min
10x Vulture Gizzard
2x Snickerfang Jowl
Gizzard Gum +25 Spirit 60 min
1x Basilisk Brain
3x Blasted Boar Lung
2x Scorpok Pincer
Lung Juice Cocktail +25 Stamina 60 min
3x Scorpok Pincer
1x Blasted Boar Lung
2x Vulture Gizzard
Ground Scorpok Assay +25 Agility 60 min
1x Scorpok Pincer
3x Snickerfang Jowl
2x Blasted Boar Lung
R.O.I.D.S. +25 Strength 60 min

Sayge's Dark Fortunes

Sayge is a Gnoll who works at the Darkmoon Faire. He can "read" your fortune through a couple questions he asks you, and depending on your answer, he'll cast a certain buff on you as well. You'll also receive an unrelated scroll, most of which are worthless, but some of which give you a quest.

These buffs do NOT stack.

Q1 Q2 Effect Duration
1 1 +10% Damage 2 hours
1 2 +10% to all resistances
(Being changed to +25 all resistances in Patch 7)
2 hours
1 3 +10% Armor 2 hours
2 1 +10% Spirit 2 hours
2 2 +10% Intellect 2 hours
2 3 +10% to all resistances
(Being changed to +25 all resistances in Patch 7)
2 hours
3 1 +10% Stamina 2 hours
3 2 +10% Strength 2 hours
3 3 +10% Agility 2 hours
4 1 +10% Intellect 2 hours
4 2 +10% Spirit 2 hours
4 3 +10% Armor 2 hours

Mangletooth's Revenge

Mangletooth is a Razormane Quillboar who has been captured by the Taurens of Camp Taurajo. He still desires his revenge against the Bristleback Quillboar tribe, and will assist you in carrying out their defeat. Bristlebacks carry Blood Shards, which you can trade to Mangletooth for his buffing assistance. These buffs are applied directly to the player as the reward for turning in the specified number of shards.

Turnin name Shards needed Effect Duration
Agamaggan's Agility 4 +10 Agility 30 min
Agamaggan's Strength 4 +10 Strength 30 min
Razorhide 4 +?? Armor and a damage shield 30 min
Rising Spirit 4 +25 Spirit 30 min
Spirit of the Wind 10 +?? Run Speed 5 min
Wisdom of Agamaggan 4 +10 Intellect 30 min