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Have you heard that short anecdote about the monk?

Where he says that he lived his youth trying to change the world, and realized he could not. Then he tried to change his country in his mid-life, but he could not. He tried to change his city, but he could not. In his old age, he tried to change his family, but he could not. On his deathbed, he recounted his life and pointed out that he did not change the one thing he could change - himself.

I think actually people can change, but only few have the wits and the will to do it; those are the people that can climb.

...and obviously not all people climb.

- Naventus, 2004

My Todo List

  1. Make WoW Better

My Mounting Macro

/equip [mounted] Void Star Talisman
/dismount [mounted]
/equip [nomounted] Skybreaker Whip
/userandom [flyable]Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control,Reins of the Cobalt Netherwing Drake
/stopmacro [flyable]
/cast [nomounted] Summon Dreadsteed