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Basic Information

Name: Melicity Mandrake

The Dark Mistress Melicity Mandrake

Alias: The Dark Misstress
Race: Human (though some would think otherwise)
Class: Warlock
Alignment: Dark
Level: 67
Age: 62



The Mandrake Family: Rich, Powerfull, Pillars of the Community.

Marvin Mandrake: Paladin of the Holy Order of Light. A respected member of the community and devout follower of the Light.

Mary Mandrake: Devout follower of the Light. High Ranking Holy Priestess of the Cathedral of Light. Commited Suicide. Deceased.

The Mandrakes....Pillars of the Community, Upstanding members of the Cathedreal of Light. The Citzenry and Nobility of Stormwind were proud of Mary Mandrake for bearing two sons to add to the community, both Taking up the Sword, shield and mail to become Defenders of the Light, Paladins.

The Community wanted a Daughter to be born to round out the family and become a Holy Priestess of the Light.

The Mandrakes prayed to the Light and gave offerings to the Cathedral. They went to concieving the Holy Priestess. Nine Months later a child was born. Melicity Mandrake. When she was born the priests gasped in horror as what they gave birth to: a child, not of the Light but of Darkness. When Mary tried to hold her own child, Melicity screamed in utter agony as her hand burned her delicate baby skin. A priest on staff cast a healing spell on her and it just made things worse. Meilicity screamed and cried even more as the Holy Light of the spell tried to permiate her skin, enter her soul and heal her wounds.

It did the exact opposite.....

An old crow of a priest finally called a spade a spade, mincing no words and pulling no punches.

"This child is an abomination, she should be killed immediately!"

The Mandrakes were furious and wrapped Melicity in swaddling clothes and took her home to raise. The Mandrakes tried to be affectionate but the simplest touch would be utter agony to her.

As time went by the hounding of the Nobility and Priests of the Cathedral became too much. The Mandrakes took their frustrations out on Melicity.