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In game, Eirik is Insane.

Eirik is now editing on Wowpedia. His visits here will become fewer as time goes on.

Beware the plague of sock puppets!

Current projects

Cleaning out my screenshot stash.

Continuing projects

Quest chain pages, to describe the entirety of a run of quests, suitable for inclusion in the individual quest pages (or other places).

Quests, as I perform them.

Engineering items, Engineering Recipes, Limited sale recipe, Bombs, mortars, etc.

Miscellaneous pages as I run into them (missing, stub, malformed, out of date).

Past projects

Rewriting Engineering guide, combining the (disambiguated) guides it refers to. <<done>> Actually, this is expanding to include Engineering/Engineering Guide, Making money with engineering, the base Engineering page... What a nightmare.

Upcoming projects

Northrend quest chains

What happened to my first class seating?

Thematic armor sets

  • They aren't sets - there is no set bonus.
  • They don't drop off the same bosses.
  • But they look cool together

Quest chains, and descriptions

User:Eirik Ratcatcher/QuestBranching


Icecrown limericks can't be complete
Sindragosa the Consort replete
with Ice Tombs and dispair
and some lack of air
while your pathetic scansion rules betraay you!

Useful links

User space prefix links

Useful editing info

Cutscene/script Text colors

  • color=orange - for emotes done by NPCs
  • color=red - NPC yells:
  • color="#FFFF9F" - NPC says:
  • color="#F8B0DE" - NPC whispers:
  • italic - for description of NPC actions and other included text that is not part of the dialog.


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