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This user is a Bot controlled by Foxlit (Contribs)

If the program is malfunctioning, or you disagree with some changes, please drop down a note on the Owner's talk page.
If you wish to request bot-assisted edits, see WoWWiki:Bot requests.

Foxbot is a wiki bot written in Lua by foxlit; you can find both Foxbot and foxlit on IRC.

What does it do?

Foxbot imports and updates item tooltips on WoWWiki, pulling data from the Armory. There are a few caveats that may apply regardless of how you invoke Foxbot:

  • Foxbot can not properly detect professions responsible for crafting items; any sort of "combine this item with ..." effects also share the same difficulty. Relevant pages are tagged with User:Foxbot/FixPlease/Crafting and require human attention.
  • World drop items typically aren't recognized as such and may leave Stub/Item in the source section.

Using the Wiki queue

Foxbot, when online, automatically scans the queue as kept by the wiki. To add a page to the queue, tag it with User:Foxbot/UpdateItem (see detailed syntax on that page).

  • Pages that do not have the same name as they should contain may pose an issue for tagged updates. Foxbot can resolve item ID based on the use of {{elinks-item}} on the page, but is otherwise helpless during item name -> item id translation.

Through IRC

Foxbot is can usually be found in the WoWWiki IRC channel (or generally on the freenode network); you can ask it to update an item page/tooltip by either messaging it directly, or addressing it in a channel (prefix your message with "Foxbot, " or "!"). The following commands are relevant:

!item <[options]> <ItemNameOrIDList>
Request Foxbot to process one or more items.
options: optional, comma-delimited list enclosed in square brackets. The following options exist:
  • sandbox to save the generated page to a sandbox rather than the proper location.
  • tiponly to only replace the tooltip in the relevant page (default mode is to replace the entire page).
ItemNameOrIDList: comma-delimited list of item names or item IDs (intermixable) to process.

It cooks breakfast, too!

There are a number of additional unrelated features:


Looks up data in Special:Statistics and relays to IRC (jobqueue, page count and so on).

On WoWWiki:

{{User Editcount}}
Updates |contribs= parameter; throttled: only updates if the difference between displayed and actual edit count is greater than max(25, 5% of totalEdits).
Updates category tags on pages that end up in categories tagged with this template.

How does it work?

Foxbot is written in Lua, based loosely on KasoBot. Foxbot consists of a core and a number of modules; core mainly concerns itself with interactions between modules; while modules provide functionality (wiki, irc, armory stacks being examples of separate modules) that may be required by other modules. New modules may be added, current modules reloaded and old modules unloaded without restarting Foxbot or losing individual module states.

Foxbot's armory->wiki conversion works by parsing the Armory-supplied XML data into a table, and transforming that table into tooltip code using a series of lookups, formats and other function calls.


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