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AnduinLothar / KarlKFI is the author of over 50 WoW addons.
Until it was retired, Karl was Lead of the Cosmos (AddOn) Team.
Main Wow Character: WoW Armory Wraithblight on Doomhammer

Life In General

Karl Isenberg is a web programmer (and alum) at University of California at Irvine. He got his WoW addon start by editing a mod that converted speech to L337 and back which then progressed into the UniversalTranslator which was soon after banned and disabled by Blizzard, but not before Karl had moved onto his next project. Since January of 2005 Karl has written over 50 addons, helped debug dozens more and lead the Cosmos Development Team. Karl's WoW pseudonym started as AnduinLothar, the name of his 60 Paladin on Kil'jaeden and all the characters before him in the beta tests. More recently he goes by KarlKFI on forums and in IRC. He likes to code most of his addons for standalone use and post them on Curse and WoW Interface. In college, when he wasn't playing WoW or coding addons, Karl did Programming Research using Python, XML and JavaScript to develop an online templated PDF editor. More recently he has done self-employed web development on a couple small business sites. Currently he is waiting for Cataclysm to come out and getting married. In his free time he likes to rollerblade, play racketball and read science fiction.

Addons Published

Deprecated addons were either replaced with a new addon I wrote, or someone else wrote or incorporated into the Blizzard UI.

Addons on Curse (formerly Curse-Gaming)

  1. FriendsFacts (now maintained by Kring) - Records and displays friend level, class, location, pvpname, sex, race, and guild
  2. TellTrack (now maintained by Celess) - Whisper tracking via name list and whisper isolation
  3. Wardrobe (now maintained by Swizstera) - Outfit hotswapping, via menu or mounting/plaguezones/drinking
  4. WearMe (now maintained by Swizstera - as part of Wardrobe) - Library for equipping, bagging and moving equipment using a dynamic cache.
  5. WhoTip (now maintained by nebula169) - Shift-clicking on a user name in chat shows a tooltip with their information.

Addons on WoWInterface

  1. ChatBar - Button Bar for opening/showing chat messages of each type
  2. ChatEdit - Allows you to select your chat text for copying
  3. Chronos - Timer/Delay Library
  4. ConsisTint - Stores channel colors by name instead of number
  5. DamageMeters (now maintained by twobits) - Monitors damage and healing done by yourself and other nearby players
  6. Fire - Debugging tool for GUI tree-style lua table browsing.
  7. FluidFrames - Makes most frames and UI elements draggable/movable
  8. GuildNotesTooltip - Puts guild member officer and player notes in a tooltip on the Guild Frame
  9. Gymnast Tooltips - Draggable/movable tooltip
  10. ImprovedErrorFrame - Display errors in scrollable/selectable/hideable frame
  11. PartyCastingBars - Party member casting bars
  12. ReURL - Highlights links in chat; click it to put it in the chat frame edit box for easy copying

No Longer Maintained Addons

  1. Ace2Khaos - Creates Khaos registrations for every registered Ace2 addon.
  2. ActionButtonColors - Tints action buttons for oom and out of range with customizable colors
  3. AH_Reset (deprecated) - Button to reset the Auction House
  4. AH_QuickSearch (deprecated) - Shift-click items to search them at the Auction House
  5. ArcanePartyBars (deprecated) - Party and Raid member casting bars
  6. Archaeologist - Health and Mana value or % overlays + buff display
  7. AssistMe - Auto-Assist via emote
  8. BankManager - Manage and move items to and from your bank with customizable item sets.
  9. BetterItemCount - Displays #.#k instead of #for counts > 999
  10. ChatClear - Adds a clear option to the chat tab menus
  11. ChannelManager (deprecated) - Safer Out-Of-Zone chatting, emote management, sticky chat type control, channel reorder
  12. ChannelMenu - Replaces the built in "Join New Channel" sub menu of the Chat Frame Tab Menus with an absolute system that shows all five system channels as well as any other custom channels you are in
  13. ChatIgnore (deprecated) - Adds ignore/unignore to the right-click menu of players
  14. ChatScroll (deprecated) - Chat scroll with mousewheel
  15. ExtraChannels - Adds extra channels for raids and guilds
  16. IsCasting - Complex addon for determining some simple casting information that the built in api is lacking
  17. IsMounted - A mini-library with one purpose: Quickly and efficiently detect if any friendly unit is mounted
  18. LevelEstimator - Estimate the level of hostile NPC's and Mobs using their defense rating.
  19. Localization (deprecated) - Embeddable addon for selecting a global localization for addons
  20. LootSafely (deprecated) - Adds a 'bind on pickup' popup dialog box when you attempt to roll for a binding item in a group
  21. MenuOnScreen - Keeps DropDown menus on screen
  22. Meteorologist (deprecated) - Tracks Sky users via social frame and Sky Cloud menu for easy identification and colaborative addon usage
  23. MinimapZoom (deprecated) - Hide the + and - zoom buttons and zoom using the Mouse Wheel
  24. MobileFrames (deprecated) - Makes most frames and UI elements draggable/movable
  25. MobileMinimapButtons - Makes the Minimap Buttons draggable around the minimap with auto-adjusting angle and standardized radius.
  26. PopupPower - Library that enhances the functionality of WoW's static popups.
  27. ProfessionTracker - Requestable profession list and social frame tooltip - if they also have ProfessionTracker
  28. ReputationMenu - Adds a right-click menu to the reputation bar to easily change tracking faction
  29. Satellite - Simple table slash command registration, management, and advanced features like ChatType emulation, color and visibility management and sticky status
  30. Sea (AddOn) - WoW Function Library, plus embeddable mini-libs
  31. SeaHooks - Flexible and easy to learn function hooking library
  32. SeaPrint - Print and debug function library
  33. SeaString - String manipulation function library
  34. Sky (AddOn) (deprecated) - Network-like Communication Library for Mods via hidden chat
  35. Telepathy (deprecated) - Chat communications library for cross client addon information sharing (Sky replacement for 1.12+)
  36. TelepathyLite (deprecated) - Smaller version of Telepathy with less features and requirements, for embedding
  37. Telepathy-Versions - Versioning library for keeping track of what Telepathy addons/versions everyone is using
  38. TrackerToggle (deprecated) - Control your tracking spells with a handy right-click minimap menu
  39. UniversalTranslator - Cross-faction communication using custom 'languages'
  40. wTunesSkin - iTunes skin for playing music using wTunes

Cooperative Addon Work

Tutorials Written

To Do List

  • UI Panel Dock
  • Exposé for UI panels