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This dateless timeline starts before 16000 years before the War of the Ancients. We have 2 big civilizations across the mainland; the trolls and the aqir. Each race has 3 big cities. Zul’Aman, Zuldazar and Zul’Gurub at the trolls’ side, and Azjol-Nerub, "Capital" and Ahn’Qiraj at the aqirs’.

  • For those named whose name remains unknown, I’ll use these words:
    • The "Capital" of the Aqir: "Capital"
    • The government of each city: "Head of (that city)"
    • The city of the Dark trolls: "Zul’Dark"
  • A new cult to an unknown god appears in Ahn’Qiraj. Nobody cares, because the cult focuses in growing up the moral of the people and helping in being happy and healthy.
  • The population of Ahn’Qiraj starts to suffer transformations. The Head of Capital thinks that the population is just growing, and evolving, faster due to their good spirit and moral.
  • The prophets of the cult reach Capital and Azjol-Nerub. In the Capital, where balance with the nature is the law, it’s rejected, because it alters the nature of the things. In Azjol-Nerub, where they didn’t believe in gods, it’s accepted after some problems.
  • The dark side arises. From Ahn’Qiraj, a message of conflict is launched towards their brother’s cities. To keep the peace and the balance, those who menace it must be destroyed. The trolls, more or less peaceful, with all the land they needed, are their first objective. The Gurubashi suffers a great blow by the unexpected attack.
  • The 3 cities of the trolls mobilize themselves. Another conflict starts between Capital and Ahn’Qiraj. Ahn’Qiraj refuses to hear the orders to stop the attacks, and attacks the Capital itself. Hordes of monsters leave the city in ruins. Azjol-Nerub remains neutral.
  • After the battle, the Head of Capital discovers the true evil power of the cult. The Head of Ahn’Qiraj has betrayed their entire race, and has transformed their people in brainwashed monsters, allying themselves with the Old Gods.
  • The war destroys the southern lands, but no one tips the balance in his favour. Meanwhile, in the north, Zul’Aman prepares itself for the new war front, but nor Azjol-Nerub neither Zul’Aman give the first step. Zuldazar sends small regiments across the millenial forests of the center of the continent, in order to reach Capital and/or support the war fronts from the flanks.
  • The Head of Capital seeks the help of Azjol-Nerub, praying them to stop the war. The Head of Azjol-Nerub laughs, because they knew all the truth: they were just playing with the Old Gods. They knew they were needed to win the Qiraji’s war. At first they refused the new religion, but they finally agreed. Anyway, they didn’t pay anything for all the Old Gods gave them. Although they have become monsters too, they keep their mind and evolve as they want. Their will is theirs. With the coming of the remaining aqir from Capital, they start to improve a new plan to defeat the Qiraji.
  • Azjol-Nerub suffers a fake defeat. The trolls, believing Azjol-Nerub is really defeated, send reinforcements to the south.
  • Azjol-Nerub doesn’t counterattack the remaining trolls, and the prophets blame their Head. The Head of Azjol-Nerub reveals the truth and kills all the prophets. The Old Gods are furious after the betrayal, and a shadow of hatred places upon the city, but the nerubians are now too strong to fall, and the Gods roar for their powerlessness upon them.
  • Ahn’Qiraj falls after all the reinforcements from the north arrive. The city is destroyed, and the remaining ruins get sank into the shifting sands of Silithus.
  • Azjol-Nerub prospers. With the gifts of the Old Gods, they become the strongest warriors of the north, and develop a strongest civilization. Anyway, their mind is stronger than their bodies, and they refuse to attack beyond their realm, building a new empire in peace. Capital is parcially rebuilt by the survivors.
  • The trolls build new settlements in the savage lands they conquered. The war fronts of both north and south become new cities. Zul’Drak in the north watches over the now peaceful nerubians, while the southerner Zul’Farrak watches over the sand and the evil who lurks under it. The expeditions across the central forests didn’t success, but they decided to make another new city there too; Zul’Dark.
  • Some Fulborgs ran away from their home, fearing that the northern war would destroy them and their homes. Some of them, next to some Dark Trolls, discover a mysterious Well in the middle of the forests. What happened then is unknown. The arcane energies of the Well woke up and transformed both fulborgs and dark trolls. Their sons are now know as Pandaren and Kaldorei.
  • Rejected by their former brothers, both pandaren and kaldorei fled to the west and built a new home. The kaldorei started to use the energies of the Well, and the pandaren, fearing those energies, decided to leave the kaldorei and search a new home beyond the eternal night of the millenial forests.
  • The Kaldorei developed fast with the aid of the Well, and their young civilization spread out across the entire continent, forcing the trolls to retreat. The pandaren found their new city near the old Capital lands, now nearly uninhabited.
  • The queen of the Kaldorei betrays her entire race summoning the demons, world devourers, through a Portal built in the Well itself. Some rebels manage to hold back the demonic armies and, finally, destroy the well. The well explodes and rips the continent apart, breaking and destroying the lands as they were known.

To be continued: Later, the lands of the Pandaren and the Aqir’s "Capital" become Pandaria after the Sundering.

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