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William Morec

First appearance - Light and Death, Page One

"Tremble before the Scourgelord! Kneel before the Scourge! BOW TO THE GLORY OF THE LICH KING!"
—Scourgelord William Morec

William Morec is a death knight of the Scourge, and one of the Lich King's most powerful servants. Granted with a powerful runeblade he named "Bloodfester," he seeks to undo all living within Azeroth in the name of his king. Unless killed, he may never be stopped.


William Morec was once a paladin of Lordaeron, but after an unfortunate encounter with a necromancer named "Itheac" he was raised into undeath as a death knight. Although Itheac believed that Morec was nothing more than a mindless puppet, the former paladin had been able to retain control over his mind, and plotted to one day kill the necromancer and be free of the Scourge once and for all.

William Morec - Paladin of the Silver Hand

For many years Morec served Itheac as a bodyguard and executioner, doing the necromancer's bidding and cultivating his hate for said necromancer for all he had made him kill - including his wife and unborn child. Eventually the necromancer called on his most powerful servant for a very special mission. Morec was to go and kill a blood elf paladin named Nilon Lighteye who was on his way to the Plaguelands, he was then supposed to bring the blood elf's corpse back to Itheac who would raise him into undeath as well.

Morec and Nilon first clashed at Menethil Harbor, after the paladin and his allies had fought off naga under the command of a naga battle mage named Zerksis Scalebender. He and his minions were defeated, and forced to retreat. Itheac, aware of their failure and the fact that they were now outnumbered by the living, dispatched his best spy and engineer to aid them, one Arceus Darksky. The four undead then raised a sunken ship, manned it with a crew of undead, and set off after the paladin - who was fleeing across the ocean.

Upon reaching Dustwallow Marsh, they were attacked by a nathrezim and his bat "children." The battle ended abruptly when the dreadlord realized that Morec and his allies aided the Lich King. The demon's name was Zarrok the Scourgebringer, and after the Scourge had broken free from the Burning Legion he had attempted to join them. However, the Lich King had ordered his minions to slay him, and he was forced to take up sanctuary within the marsh to continue his chosen master's bidding. Morec assured the demon that - if he helped them kill Nilon - that he would attempt to convince his master - and by extent the Lich King - to allow him to serve the Scourge.

Morec and his allies found the paladin again, aided now by a shaman, and attempted to kill him. Morec, Garen, John, and Arceus faced off against Nilon while Zarrok fought the shaman. When Nilon's other allies joined the battle and the shaman defeated the dreadlord, Morec and his allies retreated. Back on his ship Morec lamented over the loss of his wife, the Scourge then set a course for the Tirisfal Glades. Once they reached its shores, they were confronted by a Forsaken ship. The moment they were recognized as Scourge, Morec ordered the ship sunk, and his minions complied.

They waited for days, until finally they saw Nilon and his allies reach the Glades. Noting that, with the shaman from Dustwallow now aiding them, they were at a disadvantage in terms of healing magic, Morec and his minions invaded the Scarlet Monastery. There they confronted and killed the Scarlet Crusade's High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane, and after some effort raised her into undeath - giving her the new name of Darklock.

Morec again faced off against the paladin - who was now in the company of the Scarlet Crusade. He was moments away from victory, but something inside of him kept him from killing the blood elf. He and his allies retreated, setting up camp along the shores of Brightwater Lake. It was then that Arceus figured out that Morec had retained his full will, and he confronted the death knight. Morec prepared to kill the rogue before he could inform Itheac, but Arceus informed the death knight that was not his intention. He left Morec telling him that he knew that he would choose power over freedom in the end. Morec didn't believe him.

During their trek to follow the paladin and his allies through the Western Plaguelands, Morec and his group encountered another attack by the Scarlet Crusade. During the battle Morec lost consciousness and was forced to relive his darkest memory; the day he'd been forced to kill his wife and unborn child. When he regained consciousness he had a deeper hate for the Scourge, but he also realized the power it had given him. His mind was thrown into chaos by the thought, but that didn't stop him from fighting the paladin once more. This time he managed to kill the blood elf (at the cost of Arceus' life), but was forced away before he could collect Nilon's corpse, and the shaman resurrected him afterwards.

He watched as the living battled the demons, and then killed Darklock, sucking out the unholy corruption from her body to refuel his powers, and left her for the Scarelt Crusade in the area to do what they wished with her. The three remaining undead then proceeded through the Terrorweb Tunnel to Stratholme, where Itheac was displeased with Morec's failure so far, but pleased that the paladin was near - he might be able to kill the blood elf himself. Morec also faced off against Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff at Browman Mill, who informed Morec that the Light would never except him. Believing the paladin, Morec proceeded to defeat him. Itheac then gave Morec the task of protecting a very special project of his at the Mill from the Argent Crusade.

William Morec - The Scourgelord

It was there, after a final climatic battle, Itheac was slain and Morec was released from his grasp. For the first time in a long time, the fallen paladin was able to taste true freedom. Morec, however, chose near-unlimited power and eternal life in the end, and sided fully with the Scourge. He killed Nilon's lover - Celen Dawnweaver - in a final battle against the paladin and mage, and then fled to Northrend. There he was knighted "Scourgelord" by the Lich King and given the task of carrying out his master's will upon all who still lived in Northrend. In other words: slaughtering them all. He accepted.


Morec is a devoted hater of the Holy Light, the living, and anything that would dare oppose the Scourge. He serves his master unquestioningly, even though secretly he has his doubts about certain other Scourge leaders' abilities to keep the living pests in Northrend in check. He fears no living man save one; Tirion Fordring, and even then that is only because the paladin wields the mighty Ashbringer.

Morec is also a skilled tactician and leader. He can organize the minions of the Scourge into a force to be reckoned with with relative ease, and then lead them against the enemies of his master with brutal efficiency. Even so, Morec has one critical weakness; his overconfidence. It was the cause of his original death, and - although he has been able to get it under control in some respect since them - it very well may be the cause of his downfall in the future. Even so, he is no fool, and will retreat if the situation begins to turn against him.


Morec is a skilled practitioner of necromantic magic. Even so, he prefers to use his runeblade - Bloodfester - to slay his opponents. This allows the gem set into the hilt of his sword to drink up the blood of his unfortunate victims, making Morec even more powerful - both physically and magically - as a result. The base of his strength, though, comes from the Lich King, who bestows even more power upon the Scourgelord as he sees fit.


  • "Warriors of Lordaeron, hear me! Today marks a day of retribution, today marks the day we make out stand against the Scourge! Many of our hero’s have fallen; the crown prince – Arthas – led the Scourge attack that killed Uther Lightbringer himself.” There was a murmur throughout the ranks of the troops. But if the Lightbringer were here today, if he stood where I stand now, he would say this to you: the Light is the most powerful thing we posses. With it we will make out stand against the Scourge, against the Darkness! Solders, lets us make that stand now! For the Light! For Lordaeron! For King Terenas!" — Rallying his soldiers before that fateful battle agianst the Scourge.
  • "I had thought that I remembered how sweet freedom was. But I-I never imagined what if would feel like to be free again after all these years... But why should I surrender my power when I can have it and my freedom? For my loyalty through all of this, I will be rewarded greatly. And when I present your corpse to him, I will be rewarded even further."

Nilon Lighteye

First appearance - Light and Death, Page Three

"Morec will regret ever crossing paths with me."
—Nilon Lighteye

Nilon Lighteye is a rarity; a blood elf paladin of the Alliance. He mistrusts his own kind for the most part, but doesn't despise the Horde or praise the Alliance (although he favors it) for it being it. Each is made of individuals, and each individual should be accounted for separately, but have their actions blamed on the whole of a race.

Even so, he is a blood elf, and so must fight against the hunter of his people in order to avoid falling into a wretched state. To do so he meditates daily, and doing so keeps the hunger at bay - even though it does not remove the fel-taint that has already taken hold.


Nilon Lighteye was a priest before and for a time after the fall of Quel'thalas. He joined Garithos' resistance force along with many other high elves that became blood elves. He soon fled, however, the horrors of the Scourge too great from him to face. Ever since he blamed himself for the horrible death's they'd suffered, all because he ran. He made his may south, traveling through dwarven lands and eventually making his way to Stormwind. There he trained alongside the humans and eventually became a paladin.

Nilon from Light and Death

For three years he remained in the human city, living in relative peace. Unfortunately, that peace was doomed to be disturbed. The Master Paladin of Stormwind - Marcas Holyhammer - dispatched Nilon as well as two other members of the Alliance - Celen Dawnweaver and Jason Thomas - for a scouting mission to the Eastern Plaguelands that would be the lead in for an attack against the Scourge. Although Nilon was against receiving any kind of help because of his past, Marcus Holyhammer made it clear that there was no way for the paladin to refuse.

While the boat they were using as Transportation to the Plaguelands was caught in a a calm a group of naga boarded the vessel and took Nilon captive - Celen and Jason managed to avoid capture. The leader of the naga - a sea witch called Lady Murkdweller - took an interest in Nilon during that time - much to the paladin's dismay. When the ship's captain didn't have what they were looking for the naga attacked, ransacking the ship in search of what they were after. Unfortunately they still failed to find it, but soon after they were done Nilon and his allies began to fight back. They almost defeated the naga but when the sea witch and some of her fellow casters began to channel a magical explosion Nilon and his allies jumped overboard.

The paladin awoke on the shores of the Wetlands, and after just a short period of searching managed to find Jason. Celen, however, remained missing. Nilon wanted to go look for her, but Jason convinced him otherwise and the two headed towards Menethil Harbor to the south. From there they searched for Celen, but they never found her. Nilon was preparing to leave to continue his mission when the harbor was attack by the same sea witch and another, heavily armored naga, as well as many of their minions. The naga had Celen as their prisoner, and managed to use her to blackmail Nilon into surrendering.

Celen managed to escape from the naga's possession, though, allowing Nilon and Jason to fight back. After some time the naga's actual master - Zerksis Scalebender - appeared, and Nilon and his allies were forced to battle his own guard. Their conflict was interrupted, however, when Morec and his minions appeared. Nilon, his allies, and Zerksis joined forces - in a manner of speaking - to battle the death knight. After some time they finally managed to cause Morec to retreat. Zerksis then offered Nilon his assistance, and it fell to Nilon to make the decision whether or not to accept it. He did.

After sailing across the Great Sea, Nilon and his allies made it to Dustwallow Marsh where they proceeded to make their way through the marsh towards Ratchet - where they had been told they could find transportation to their ultimate goal. Along the way they were attacked by Morec - now with two more allies aiding him - and were almost defeated. However, the orc shaman Thragg Earthbreaker came to their timely rescue. After spending the night at his home they were again attacked once more by the Scourge. This time Thragg went to deal with a dreadlord that was aiding Morec, leaving Nilon to fight the four undead on his own. His other allies then came to his side, and Thragg returned with the demon's head in hand. Morec fled once more.

With Morec seemingly out of their lives, Nilon and his allies - Thragg now aiding them - made their way through the Barrens. During this time Nilon and Celen were forced to spend time together, and signs of a relationship began to appear. Once they reached Ratchet, Nilon found the goblin they were looking for. The goblin made him a deal: if Nilon could beat him at Blackwater Twenty-Five, he would give them transportation to the Tirisfal Glades. However, if Nilon lost then Celen would become the goblin's property. Nilon accepted these odds, and by sheer luck (or fate, depending on your views) defeated the goblin.

After crossing the great sea - during which they were attacked by another group of naga - Nilon met an old friend - Valinaria Halwing, who was now a ranking member of the Scarlet Crusade. Morec attacked them once more, but to Nilon surprise let them live when they were practically at his mercy. He was still struggling with this turn or events when his group came across a group of Scarlet Crusades consorting with demons. After dealing with the Crusaders, Nilon and his allies were faced with another set of problems: Celen had turned into a blood elf, begun a rapid descent into the ranks of the wretched, and then had absorbed the magics of a necromancer - putting her at the mercy of the Lich King.

After seeking out the Argent Dawn's help, it was Nilon who saved her from the grasp of the Scourge. After this both he and Celen confessed their love for each other, but it was not to be. Nilon was asked to lead an attack aginst the Scourge in Maxwell Tyrosus' absence, a task he accepted, and was faced with battling Morec again. By the end of the battle it came down to a duel of him and Celen against the death knight. He fought as hard as he could, but wasn't able to keep the death knight from killing Celen and fleeing to Northrend.

After burying Celen's body in a safe place, Nilon pursued, and was confronted by the now-Scourgelord Morec and the Lich King. He was seduced by the Scourge for just a moment, and was nearly slain and risen into undeath by the Lich King. However, Tirion Fordring and the Argent Crusade intervened, saving his life. Nilon now fights alongside the Argent Crusade - their battle against the Scourge giving him the greatest chance to face and kill Morec once and for all.


Nilon is a level headed paladin, however he is also prone to anger and frustration, as well as to a Light-infused rage when in combat. He is not a Blood Knight, and so he sees the Light as an ally, not a slave. He is very trusting of others, as long as they are trusting of him. Even so, he doesn't trust the death knights of the Ebon Blade, and keeps an very, very close watch on any he meets. He's very quick to jump to conclusions regarding them and attacks by the Scourge.

After the death of Celen he was thrown into a cycle of anger an depression. He was angry at Morec for killing her, and that anger became a righteous vengeance driven by the Light. He however, knew that it had been his fault that Celen had been killed in the first place, and can't find the heart to forgive himself. As long as he draws breath, though, he will hunt Morec down and make him pay for not only Celen's murder, but all of the deaths he's caused.


Being a paladin, Nilon has access to the powers of the Holy Light. He is also a skilled with a sword, and uses both in a deadly combination against his enemies. He is powerful in the terms of holy magic, but no where near as powerful as some of the more well known paladins of Azeroth (i.e., Uther, Tirion). Although this put him at a great disadvantage to Morec - who has nearly unlimited dark power - he will not relent in his mission.


"I've never been one for words, they're difficult and have too may meanings. But that's just me. However, I am willing to put aside such beliefs about myself to say these words. After the fall of Quel'thalas, I thought all was lost. My spirit, as well as the spirits of several of my friends, was broken. We thought that this was the end for us, that the time of the elves had finally come to an end. However, I and the other survivors banded together and pressed on, laying the groundwork for what has been done here.

"As fate would have it, I was not meant to stay in the north. I moved south, taking refuge in the great city of Stormwind. I trained and eventually progressed from priest to paladin. But my tale - obvious as that is - did not end there. It was to be a simple mission, but once again the hand of fate decided otherwise. My ship was attacked and we were sent overboard. We washed up in the wetlands, and, after several events, secured the aid of the naga Zerksis Scalebender.

"After that we moved on to Kalimdor, where the shaman Thrrag Earthbreaker saved us and eventually joined us on our mission. After a trek through the water-forsaken Barrens we secured passage to the Eastern Kingdoms aboard a goblin Ship. Again we were attacked by Naga and, again, we managed to fend them off. However, one of our own, a mighty and honorable Warrior by the name of Jason Thomas, gave his life to save us from certain death.

"But his death would not be in vain, for we did make it to the Trisfal Glades, and it was there that we secured the aid of the Scarlet Crusade, for a time. One Crusader, the Ranger Valinaria, still aids us. Redemptions were made through all this, but great sacrifices were made also. Celen Dawnweaver, the love of my life, gave into the hunger of the Blood Elves and was nearly lost to the Scourge. But, even through that, the Light prevailed, and she was saved.

"From Menethil up through the Plaguelands, though, one man has stalked us. Former Lord-Paladin William Morec, now a Death Knight of the Scourge, has hounded our every step. But I feel that there is still good in him, as he has not fought his hardest against us in his supposed quest to kill me, and has even let us go on certain occasions. Through all this I stand before you now.

"The Light made my being here possible and fate sent me for a reason, I see that now. On this day, we will put the fear of death back into death itself. We will give them no quarter, we will show them no mercy, we will not let a single, unliving creature survive this attack! Soldiers of the Argent Dawn: CHARGE!"

— Nilon Lighteye rallying the Argent Dawn for an attack against the Scourge.

Celen Dawnweaver

First appearance: Light and Death, Page Four

"At least I was here to save your demon-ridden self!"
—Celen Dawnweaver after saving Nilon from a group of naga.

Celen Dawnweaver was a blood of mage, although, like Nilon, she was associated with the Alliance rather then the Horde like most blood elves. She was killed by the death knight William Morec shortly after she and her allies reached the Eastern Plaguelands.


Celen Dawnweaver was a mage training in Dalaran when the Scourge was first appearing. She heard about it only in whispers of a "plague" made by other students, and it was inadvertently mentioned a few times in lectures that she attended. Even so, she dismissed them as nothing more then speculation, and continued her studies in magical arts.

When Quel'thalas fell, Celen was one of the many high elves that heard of it. They became distraught over the news, and even more so when the Scourge first came to Dalaran. Celen was horrified by them, and made an effort to escape with Jaina Proudmoore's expedition. Still only a young girl - relatively speaking - she didn't fight against the Legion at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, instead staying in safety with the other civilians. By three years after the original Scourge invasion she had moved to Stormwind City. There she was conscripted by the Master Paladin Marcus Holyhammer and sent on a scouting mission with Nilon and Jason to the Eastern Plaguelands. She didn't like the idea of working with the blood elf, but if it was required of her by the Alliance, she would tolerate him.

Celen before becoming a blood elf

After their ship was attacked by one a group of naga, Celen and Jason were the only two who weren't taken prisoner. She used her magic to remain hidden, and was able to bring Nilon his sword - which the paladin then used to free himself and fight back the naga. When the naga tried to cast a magical explosion, Nilon and Jason jumped overboard, Celen, however, was caught in the blast. However, the magic wasn't offensive in nature, it was instead one of teleportation - designed to take all caught in the blast to the caster's designated location. Celen found herself a prisoner of a naga battle mage named Zerksis Scalebender. The naga planned to use Celen to capture Nilon, and then use the blood elf to retrive a powerful relic of the Old Gods called the Silzorthess Idol that the blood elves in the north had in the possession.

She freed herself when the naga an attack against Menethil Harbor (where nilon and Jason were currently staying) and helped foil the Nagas' plans of capturing Nilon. She was against allowing Scalebender to assist them as the naga requested, but her advice didn't stop Nilon from accepting the naga's aid. After the group reached Kalimdor and met up with the shaman Thragg Earthbreaker, Celen again saved Nilon (this time from Morec and his allies). After that Nilon thanked her - something she wasn't entirely prepared for from a blood elf - and went replied with the fact that having him alive would make completing their mission easier.

She and the rest of the group then made a trek through the Barrens (where she and Nilon talked for a bit), made it to Ratchet (where Nilon bet her in a card game), acquired transportation back to the Eastern Kingdoms (along the way Nilon gave his reasons for betting her), and finally reached the Tirisfal Glades. There she was confronted with an old friend of Nilons - a blood elf named Valinaria Halwing - and became insanely jealous of how close they were. She talked with Thragg on the matter, but he simply told her to follow her heart.

While moving through the Western Plaguelands they found a group of Scarlet Crusaders consorting with demons. A further investigation showed that the Crusaders were actually Dreadlords in disguise, and in order to save them Celen had to absorb the fel magics of an unholy relic that the demons possessed. The act turned her into a blood elf, and quickly sent her down the path of the wretched, during which she absorbed the powers of a necromancer and was nearly claimed by the Scourge. Quick action by Nilon and the Argent Dawn, however, spared her the fate of undeath. After she was free from the Lich King, she and Nilon had one final conversation. in that conversation they each expressed their love for each other.

Their romance was to be short-lived, though. Nilon was asked by the Maxwell Tyrosus to lead an attack against the Scourge at Browman Mill, he accepted, and after the battle Morec faced off against Nilon and Celen. The death knight realized that he couldn't defeat them, do decided to flee. Before he did, though, he killed Celen. After the battle her body was collected by Nilon and taken to Quel'thalas to be buried in a location he thought that he only knew of. The ground was consecrated to keep her body from rotting.

Years later, Morec led a group of San'layn to the spot and collected her body. It was encased in a chamber of ice to keep it preserved, and was used by Morec and the Lich King to try and convert Nilon to the Scourge. When their attempt was interrupted by Tirion and the Argent Crusade they fled, taking Celen's body with them. It remains in their possession.


Before becoming a blood elf Celen despised her fel-cursed brethren with every fiber of her being. After she became one of them and was saved from the Scourge by Nilon, however, her outlook on them - or at least Nilon - changed dramatically.

She is a calm character, during her best to keep her focus even in the chaos of battle - often doing so by numbing herself to the feelings others around her. But even she is only mortal, and she is prone to outbursts of anger, joy, and sadness - all of these have been expressed when she has been dealing with Nilon.


Celen trained in Dalaran for some time, become a talented wielder of arcane magic and somewhat capable in the other accepted arts of the Kirin Tor. Had she been able to continue her studies in the magical city she may have one day risen to be a great archmage. Unfortunately, with the city lying in shambles and then blocked off from outsiders until some time after her death, she was never given that privilege.

Besides that she was a quick thinker, although not extremely creative with her spells. She stuck to textbook uses of magic for the most part, which made her abilities far more powerful but somewhat predictable - which would have given her an advantage in battle against smarter opponents. Even so, she would fight as hard as she could to defeat anyone that tried to harm her or her allies. Her determination alone made her a force to be reckoned with.


  • "I was thirteen, human years. My parents were so proud the day I left for Dalaran. What about you? Were you always a paladin?” - Said during smalltalk with Nilon.
  • "Quel’thalas. My parents were a part of the militia that tried to stop the Scourge from reaching the Sunwell. When the Undead came to Dalaran they were-.” - Celen, recounting a bad memory.

Jason Thomas





Thragg Earthbreaker





Miriam Windrunner





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