A list of my Alliance-allied characters that I use for roleplaying. Enjoy, and be sure to look at my Horde and Neutral characters as well.

The Jeret Family

Nobles of Gilneas, loyal to their homeland - even if it has rejected some of them.

Ivan "Bloodhowl" Jeret

"I.. I can't f-fight it any l-longer. I can't... I can't control myself. Go! Get- get away from me! Now!"
—Ivan's reaction to his first worgen transformation

Eldest son of the Jeret family, Ivan is a good-hearted man with the mind of a monster lurking inside of him. While his human side seeks to help his people and others, his other side - a worgen named Bloodhowl - seeks only to further is own ends and cares nothing of who he has to harm to do so.


After the deaths of his mother and father, Ivan and his siblings were the only members of the Jeret family left alive. Even so, they strive to uphold their duty to the crown in Gilneas at all costs. He joined the Gilnean military as soon as he was old enough to, although his parents were disappointed again and again when he refused advancement to the commanding ranks when the positions were offered to him.

He was one of the first to actually encounter the worgen creatures face-to-face. Unfortunately in his attempts to protect the people of Gilneas he was bitten by one the creatures and turned into one of them a few days afterwards - the second Jeret to do so. After losing his mind to the instincts of the worgen within him he lived amongst the ever-increasing feral packs that roamed the nation, biting and infecting his own sister when she led a group of Gilnean soldiers to try and capture him during this time.

FinallyKrennan Aranas managed to create a partial cure to the worgen curse, and, after being captured by the alchemist, Genn's guards, and his own brother and sister, Ivan was saved from being a wild animal for eternity. Unfortunately it came at a terrible cost, for although he was spared the fate of becoming a beast for all eternity, a new part of his mind was awoken within him - the part of him that would come to be called Bloodhowl.

When the Forsaken came to Gilneas Ivan fought alongside the other redeemed Gilneans against them, however he never saw whether they defeated the Forsaken or not. Bloodhowl took control at one point, a period of time during which he murdered and left the body of a wife of a commander of the Gilnean army - and one of Ivan's close friends - to be eaten by the invading Forsaken - although a follwoing investigation concluded that it was Bloodhowl himself who devoured the woman's corpse. For his actions Ivan was banished from Gilneas and was informed that, should he ever return, he would be executed.

With a heavy heart and even deeper loathing of his other side, he left his homeland.

Ivan sometime after his exile.


Ivan has slightly tanned white skin, brown hair - which, in the absence of a barbershop during his exile, is tied up in a long ponytail and comes down in a thick beard -, and light green eyes. He has a muscle-heavy build, developed through years of training and working with the Gilnean military. Although much of his armor was repossesed by the Gilnean military when he was exiled, he was allowed to keep a few peices - as well as his broadsword and a sheild and shortsword. What he is missing of his armor, though, he has replaced with leather.

Bloodhowl's fur color is similar to Ivan's hair but just slightly darker. His eyes are green in color and look surprisingly kind, a trait that he uses to his advantage when luring someone away for him to deal with them as he seems fit. He dosn't care for the armor Ivan wears, but dosn't purposefully remove it, but he also makes no additional attempts to make sure that it stays on his body. Like his human form, his body is highly muscled.


Ivan is an honorable noble that wants the best for the people of Gilneas but will follow King Greymane's orders no matter how others are affected by them. This sometimes puts him at odds with his brother, but in the end Blaine respects him for it. Even so he loves both of his siblings, and tries to make sure that they stay out of harm’s way, even if that means putting himself inbetween it and them. He will help anyone that genuinely needs it, but seriously thinks about the situation before acting. He fears nothing, save the worgen mind that lives inside of him and so works hard to make sure that it can never escape the confines of his consciousness.

Bloodhowl, in near-stark contrast to Ivan's personality, is a self-absorbed, self-serving creature of darkness. He's an opportunist, taking whatever he wants whenever he can - which usually means when Ivan's mental guard is down. He harbors no love for Ivan's kin, although he views their worgen sides as his siblings. That considered he works well with them, but is always more focused how or what of his actions benefit himself - and if that means nearly killing one or both of his siblings, then so be it. Also in stark contrast to Ivan's personality, Bloodhowl hates humans with as much of a fervor as his human side hates worgen.


Ivan is a skillful warrior in use of the broadsword, as well as many other melee weapons, but has also trained in hand-to-hand martial arts - just to be safe. His preferred combat stance is one that balances his ability to defend himself and others with his ability to cut down anyone or anything that attacks him, his siblings, or his allies. He doesn't see himself as a leader, but is able to rally any soldiers working with him or under his command at the time.

Whenever Bloodhowl takes control he discards Ivan's weapon in favor of his own claws and fangs. He is extremely agile and quick, able to dodge most attacks, as well as fairly strong. The way he fights clearly displays his opportunist nature, only striking whenever he sees and opening, and refraining from attacking until he does. He fancies himself a leader and tactical genius, but in truth his skill at such is only moderate.

Krista "Blackbite" Jeret

"My... my face! My h-hands! No, no, NO!"
—Krista's reaction to her first worgen transformation

Krista is the second eldest Jeret siblings and a noble of Gilneas. Her human side is cautious, constantly thinking, but her worgen side is a wild card named Blackbite who is prone to extremely violent outbursts at one moment and managing to appear completely calm the next.


Before Gilneas closed its borders, forcing her to return to the nation, she had been taking an extended vacation to study magic in Dalaran. Her brief time learning amongst the great wizards of the Magocracy was enough to give her a slight control over the forces of arcane magic. Her control over the elements through arcane means, however, is not all that fluent, and her attempts to cast spells around them while in Dalaran led to more then a few accidents.

Krista, like most of the nobles, knew about the worgen during the early stages of the infestation. She, though, unlike her brothers, she didn't step in herself to try and deal with the problem, and was content to let the military. After Ivan's transformation into a worgen, however, Krista went with the soldiers that were going to try and subdue him in order to bring him back to Krennan Aranas so that the alchemist could use him to further his research towards finding a cure for the Curse. The rescue attempt turned into a trap, in which they were the ones being caught, and Krista was bitten by Ivan.

After some time of living as one of the wild worgen Krista was administered the cure by a Gilnean soldier - although it took him a bit of effort to do so. She then assisted them in the capture and curing of her two brothers. Like Ivan and Blaine, though, Krista too had a second personality created inside of her by Arranas' concoction. This part of her would later come to be call herself Blackbite.

By the time the Forsaken appeared in Gilneas Krista was starting to lose her battle against Blackbite's will. The two decided to set aside their differences, however, until the undead threat was dealt with. This breif respite from the battle of wills gave Krista the time she needed to regain her strength, however, and Blackbite found herself losing the battle when she again tried to subdue Krista's mind. When Ivan was tried for rape and murder because of Bloodhowl's actions Krista tried to speak on his behalf, but the courts didn't see things the way she did.

When Ivan was forced to leave Gilneas Krista left with him to make sure he didn't end up killing himself and to try to show the courts of Gilneas how their decision on the matter had been wrong.

Krista some time after leaving Gilneas to share in her brother's in exile.


Kritsa's hair is a significantly darker shade of brown then her brother's and has also grown out in the absense of any way to keep it up. Her pale skin and kind, contemplating blue eyes can make one forget that there is a beast lurking within her. In her self-imposed exile alongside her brother, Krista's once beautiful, regal robes have become torn, covered in muck, and so patched up that they now resemble little more then a those of a peasent. She has also taken to carrying a dagger for protection along with her own shortstaff, and, despite her thin body structure, she can use both well enough.

Blackbite's fur is black, and her rage-filled red eyes, sharp canine fangs, and wild loose hair give her the appearence of a feral worgen. As few things have built up as much of a terrifying reputation as a wild worgen she does her best to cultivate this reputation to her advantage, giving her a slightly psychological advantage over her opponents. She dislikes the robes she has to wear because of Krista, and tears them to make it easier for her to move to dodge and attack while in combat.


It wouldn't be at all difficult to call Krista "stuck up," but it wouldn't be difficult to, at the same time, call her a caring person. She was extremely protective of her brothers, a fact only supported by her decision to leave Gilneas with Ivan, and wasn't afraid to fire an arcane bolt or two into anyone who tried to harm them. She isn't comfortable with using any type of magic other then pure arcane because of the chance there is for her spells to mess up in some fashion - then again it may be this lack of faith in her own capabilities that causes her arcane-element spells to backfire the way they do. She hates her worgen side, as well as those of her brothers and all other Gilneas, and refuses to accept that it might be something that she has to learn to live with.

Blackbite, on the other hand, doesn't really care what happens to Krista's siblings. Unlike Bloodhowl, she doesn't consider the worgen sides of Krista's siblings to have any relation to her, and she considers herself to be above them. She doesn't care to use Krista's magic, distrusting it for the most part, as he preferred form of attack, preferring to use her claws - much like Bloodhowl or Painfang. She, however, does see the magic as a valuable tool, and uses it to enhance the power and lethality of her claws and fangs. She also has an unshakable hatred of others - although that hatred doesn't seem to extend to Bloodhowl and Painfang - and her distaste for non-worgen exceeds that of Bloodhowl's. She also has a high intolerance for anyone she even perceives to be trying to humiliate her.


Krista is trained to an extent in the way of a mage, and has mastered arcane magic - although the correct use of the elemental forms of it eludes her still. She isn't physically strong (not in her human form) but her mind is clever enough to make up for that, using her arcane spells in ways that tend to give her the upper hand. Even though she cannot fully master the elemental forms of the arcane, she can still cast spells which revolve around them - although this tends to lead to somewhat chaotic results.

Blackbite is quick, agile, smart, and ruthless. She doesn't hesitate to close the gap between her and her opponent, making it difficult for him or her to attack, and then proceeds to rake her opponent's body with her claws and tear at his or her flesh with her fangs. She uses magic to supplements her attacks all the while, either causing her opponent to feel extra burst of pain whenever she managed to rend his or her flesh or using is as a distraction to gain the upper hand in the battle. Like Krista, however, when she does use magic she has difficulty controlling elemental arcane magic.

Blaine "Painfang" Jeret

"Wha- what is ha-happening to me? Krista... Ivan... h-help..."
—Blaine's reaction to his first worgen transformation

Blaine is the youngest of the Jeret siblings and a skilled politician. He has trained in combat for whenever he finds himself in a situation that requires "aggressive negotiations" and needs to defend himself. Unlike his siblings, he has been able to reach a level of coexistence with his worgen side - which calls itself Painfang.


Blaine has never been outside of Gilneas, and that suits him just fine. During his time in the land he was taught by the best tutors his parents could afford and also trained in the ways of a rogue - of course, his mother and father weren't overly thrilled about that. Even so, after his parents died he stepped up to fill the rather large shoes they left behind for him and his siblings to fill, and he succeeded. He's assisted Genn as many times as he could, and although Krista is the smartest of the three he has proven to be of most assistance to the Greymane line then she has to date.

Like his brother and sister, Blaine was aware of the worgen problem from its early stages, but wasn't fully sure of how serious it was until much later. During at attempt to save his brother from an attacking worgen he was bitten and infected with the Worgen Curse. Ivan had his brother sent to Greymane City for propper treatment - not aware of the nature of the Worgen Curse and the transformation that took effect. On the way Blaine transformed into a physically powerful worgen that named itself Painfang and murdered the medics and soldier that were taking him to Greymane City for treatment.

Blaine went on to assist the other Gilneans that had become infected by the worgen curse in attacking and terrorizing the countryside. He later was present for when the worgen invaded and took over Gilneas city, and was responsible for more then a few infections that occurred during the battle. The next time he met his brother was shortly after Ivan's transformation, and then accompanied him back to their manor home in the mountains of Gilneas. There he assisted his brother in luring Krista into a trap, allowing Ivan - now Bloodhowl - to infect her with the worgen curse.

He lived in the wild as a worgen for some time afterwords, Blaine was captured by Krista - who was assisted by Genn's guards - and was administered Alchemist Aranas' cure for the worgen curse. He then helped his sister in the capture and curing of Ivan - which was no easy task - and then hunted down any of the remaining infected citizens of Gilneas.

After the Forsaken assaulted the nation Blaine chose to stay behind the scenes, helping the military commanders coordinate the attacks against their living-dead adversaries. Unlike his siblings he managed to make peace with the worgen inside of his mind through a carefully organized deal, and is comfortable living with it. Blaine, like Krista, attempted to convince the courts that Ivan was innocent after his brother was charged with rape and murder, but his words of wisdom fell on deaf ears.

While his brother was exiled and his sister went with him, Blaine remained behind in the nation he'd spent all of his life.

Blaine some time after Ivan's exile.


Blaine's eyes and hair are both about the same color as his brother's eyes and hair, and his body, although not as muscular as his brother's, is still plenty physically strong. He keeps his hair cut short, unlike his brouther, and his mustache as well trimmed as he can. He dresses in nobel outfit regardless of the situation to help show his authority in Gilnean lands. And it is with this aouthority that he is allowed to carry a concealed dagger on his person for protection.

Painfang's fur is a brillient white-silver color, and his eyes are a grayish-white - which give him a very thoughtful look. He also maintaines a poweful build, but that dosn't keep him from being far more agile then Bloodhowl - although Blackbite still has him beat. He dosn't use Baine's weapons, but he does use the few skills that Blaine has aquired in regards to combat to surprise his opponent with how good a fighter he truely is.


Blaine is a kind person. While his brother and sister simply carry out Genn Greymane's orders as their King directs them, Blaine tries to make sure that, whatever those orders are, the citizens of Gilneas - in particular the farming families - are benefited or at least warned of anything that could possibly possibly affect their way of life. He isn't as smart as is sister, but he has a clam manner of thinking that makes him good at diffusing potentially dangerous political situations. He believes that, if given the opportunity to do so, all Gilneans would be able to make peace with their worgen sides. Unfortunately he also realizes that most Gilneans wouldn't even want to make the effort.

Painfang tries not to involve himself in the affairs of others unless he absolutely has to. He isn't a pacifist, just bizarrely calm for a worgen, and he will immediately set to the task of crushing anyone that is unfortunate enough to earn his ire. When he does find himself in a fight, though, he uses his immense strength and sheer rage to overcome his enemies. Unlike Bloodhowl and Blackbite, Painfang doesn't try and take full control of Blaine's mind, he's perfectly content with only being allowed outside of the confines of his mind during the night - as per his deal with Blaine.


From the moment he was able to, Blaine trained to use daggers and throwing knives for self-defense - realizing that his role as a politician would put him in substantially dangerous situations. He is as quick as and strong as any normal human can be, and is skilled of not being seen when he doesn't want to be. Despite what his skills suggest, though, he is not skilled in anyway at picking locks and the pockets of others.

Painfang - like Blackbite and Bloodhowl - discards his human form's weapons in favor his his natural ones - fangs and claws. He is, however, just as capable - even more so, in fact - at blending is with the darkness as Blaine is. He is physically stronger then most worgen, and has an intellect to match. Much like his human side he is not skilled at picking locks and pockets without someone noticing what he is doing and attempting to stop him.


A list of songs that I play while RPing as these characters, seeing as it fits them to some regard:

Monster - Skillet

Of Wolf and Man - Metallica

Waking the Demon - Bullet for My Valentine

Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

The Animal - Disturbed

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