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Crolan Carthinian

Name: Crolan Geirth Carthinian

Race: undead

Age: 31

Class: Rogue

Professions: Miner and Jewelcrafter.

Hight: 5'1.

Weight: 160 lbs.

Eye color: none

Hair color: Brown in life, a necrotic purple in undeath.

Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral

Guild: The Shattered Oath

Crolan was born the son of Crolan Feirth Carthinian. He was raised a farmer's son and married Kiarna Marylord, both at age 16. They had a daughter soon after, named Craiywynn Madlin Carthinian. He doesn't speak often of his life other than to speak breifly of his lovely daughter. While he doesn't speka openly, it is obvious it is a source of great pain for the undead.

Crolan, Betrayer of Humanity

Shortly after the appearance of the cult of the damned, Crolan fell under their sway. Fed lies and led to believe he could make a better world for his family and give them eternal life, He, along with others, sneaked into Andorhal, and first began the spread of the undead plague. He, being only a low ranking member of the cult, had no idea the affect the plague would have on the people. Mortified at what he saw happen to his neighbors and even his very own family, Crolan tried one last attempt to stop the plague... but failed. Unable to stop them, He was tortured and his body horribly mutilated. His eyes ripped from their sockets and both his nose and jaw torn completely from his face, Crolan was turned in one of the mindless undead.

Crolan the Forsaken

It was not long after the end of the war that Crolan could once again think and see clearly. No longer was he human. No, he was Forsaken. he was one of the few free-willed undead led by the Banshee, Sylvanas Windrunner. He had a purpose: to correct the wrongs he had committed, to erase the plague from the world. He would do anything it would take to fix the horrid things he had set in motion and the vile things he had done against his will. Hiding his hideous features from even his own kind, Crolan dawned a mask and slipped into the night. Vengeance would be his, at any cost.

Allies and Enemies


  • Kodar - A longtime comrade having spend many adventures together, a kindred spirit.
  • Ventari - A member of Entropy.
  • Shahrak - Another fellow member of The Oath. Having spent many months working as a stealth unit, He found that he shared an odd connection with the quiet druid.
  • Bokari - a long time friend, Crolan has spend more time with Bokari than any other person, living or not.
  • Quenita - An undead healer who Crolan worked closely with for a long time. They have recently fallen out of touch.
  • Aneleise - A troll healer who has helped Crolan in the past. Now dead. (It was her words who helped break a curse left upon him by the Lich King, himself.)
  • Kyy - One of the many mischief makers of the realm. Crolan delights in causing chaos with this undead.
  • Saenora - A former love of Crolan's. He still harbors deep feelings for her but feels he cannot protect her nor give her what she truely deserves.
  • Shalamir - An elf that Crolan befriended. he views her as an adopted daughter.
  • Krael - The Sheriff of Brill.
  • Banshih - The Deputy of Brill.


  • Raolin - Having faced him many times on the fields of battle, Crolan bears both a large amount of hatred and respect for this Night Elf. It has been some time since Crolan has seen or heard of this rogue.
  • Kiarna Deathwail - Crolan's dead wife. Her memory haunts him and her unresting spirit hunts him ceaselessly.


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