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Welcome to the WoWWiki Mage Project, an effort to improve all mage-related articles on WoWWiki.

Project scope

The Mage Project exists to improve and maintain WoWWiki articles related to the mage class. This includes mage spells, talents, builds, tactics, theorycraft, famous mages in Lore, quests, items, gear, and anything else essential to the discriminating arcanist.

Project membership

To join, post a message on the project talk page and put [[Category:Mage project members]] on your user page to signify your membership.

Current project tasks

Mage ability articles

Good mage ability articles should meet each of these criteria. Add your improvements and check off articles that meet criteria in the table below.

  1. Uses boilerplate Help:Ability articles.
  2. Article lead should describe the ability in one or two sentences, then describe primary uses generally.
  3. Correct rank table. Be sure training costs do not have faction discounts applied.
  4. Talent improvements described thoroughly in plain English.
  5. Damage spells should have correct spell damage coefficients.
  6. Tips and tactics for PvE (solo and raid) and PvP.
  7. Past changes from patch notes.
  8. A good image demonstrating the ability.


Amplify Magic - Arcane Blast - Arcane Brilliance - Arcane Explosion - Arcane Intellect - Arcane Power - Arcane Missiles - Blink - Conjure Food - Conjure Mana Stone - Conjure Water - Counterspell - Dampen Magic - Detect Magic - Invisibility - Evocation - Mage Armor - Mana Shield - Polymorph - Portal (Spell) - Presence of Mind - Remove Lesser Curse - Slow Fall - Slow - Spellsteal - Teleport

Fire Spells

Blast Wave - Combustion - Fire Blast - Fire Ward - Fireball - Flamestrike - Pyroblast - Scorch - Dragon's Breath - Molten Armor

Frost Spells

Blizzard - Cold Snap - Cone of Cold - Frost Armor - Frost Nova - Frost Ward - Frostbolt - Ice Armor - Ice Barrier - Ice Block - Ice Lance - Summon Water Elemental

Mage builds, playstyles, tactics

Add to this list any article that documents a mage build, a playstyle, or specific mage tactic in detail. Eventually, Mage builds and Mage tactics should be updated. Suggest any new articles that are not covered.

New spells/talents to be added in WotLK

and others