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Fact List

Krin'ge Drakki in typical Ice Troll armour

Name: Krin'ge Drakki ((game name - Kringe))

Race: Troll ((Ice Troll))

Age: 35

Home Server: Server:Steamwheedle_Cartel_US

Class: Shaman

Brief Physical Description:

At first glance, Krin'ge looks to be simply a hunched Darkspear Troll. But a closer examination would show that he is actually over 8 feet tall, of very strong build. He seems to have 'stubble' over his body, and most likely is shaving off hair. The hair on top of his head also seems to be dyed after closer examination, the original color being off-white.

Brief Personality Description:

Because of his Drakkari Ice Troll blood, can be very violent at times, though Krin'ge is usually trying to keep this in control...

Goals and motivators:

Krin'ge would like to see the Drakkari Tribe once again control most of the world... But, unlike most of the Ice Trolls, he is smart enough to know violence alone will not get him to this end... With this in mind, he has infiltrated the Darkspear Trolls, and now the Horde itself, to hopefully one day help his tribe gain power once again...

Passionate about the war:

In it helping Krin's overall goals - yes - kill the Alliance who would be in his way... But, If he can find allies (more people he can use) to gain footing in his overall goals, he will...


Krin's father is (was) a High Warlord in the Drakkari military, and an adviser to the Drakkari people. Krin'ge knew that to regain the status that the Drakkari deserve, he would need to be able to do more than just fight violent battle after battle. On one of his trips learning war tactics with the Frostmane Tribe, he met a Darkspear Troll Shaman, who interested him with the Shamanistic powers of battle, magic, and healing... Seeing this as a way to further grow both his power, as well as that of the Ice Tribes, he snuck into the Darkspear society and started to learn the Shaman ways. It was here that he learned of the Horde, and though of them as a possible ally in the plans to eventually take back the lands in the name of the Ice Trolls.

Allies and Enemies

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