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Summarized Info

Name: Srax
Race: Forsaken, previously Human.
Raising: Dalaran
Profession: Cryomancer
Current Home: Tarren Mill
Affiliation: Dalaran
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Age: 30 years alive/undead, considerably more when counting dead.
Motivations: Power and the Kirin Tor

Physical Description

He's surprisingly well preserved, showing only slight signs of rot and decay. Frost coats his clothing and he wears a tabard of the Kirin Tor to represent his loyalties, suggesting he was in his past life a member of the mage-city.


In his first life, Srax was one of the 100 original humans taught magic by the Quel'Dorei. Like all of the students selected he was quite good at it, and was able to call down ice and fire as well as any of the other 99 so-called Students of Strom. During the battle itself his only notable feat was casting a Blizzard in front of an advancing Troll army, advancing it until they were pushed into the river behind them, and then freezing the water. This tactic was later abandoned when someone pointed out that the energy it required to freeze a moving river cost more than directly killing the forces that it entrapped. The story did, however, win Srax his fair share of bar wenches, along with a war wound caused by an arrow to the chest. He was one of the original citizens of Dalaran, where he taught hopeful young humans the ways of magic. As was custom in Dalaran, the focus was on Ice and Water spells, which is unfortunate. You see, Srax had been standing beside one of his pupils when something went terribly, horribly, almost amusingly wrong. The frost bolt was fumbled, and not only did it miss the target, but actually went laterally and hit Srax - Directly in the war wound. It penetrated the weakened flesh and hit his lungs, freezing them solid. He died of asphyxiation and shock before anyone could save him. His corpse was preserved by the Kirin Tor with the other surviving original Magi, and was put on display for all to gaze at. The details of his death also sparked the superstition amongst trainers that standing beside an apprentice was bad luck, which has survived amongst Dalaran trainers to this day. It is one of Srax's greatest shames. And so he was, suspended from decay, for millenia. Nearly three thousand years later, during the third war, the city Dalaran fell to Scourge invasion. The troops gathered any bodies they could find and put them into the meat wagons for future conquests, Srax's husk included. It was outside of Lordaeron that his meat wagon was destroyed by a rather large explosion, sending bodies flying everywhere, his one of those remaining intact. After the battle was done and the Forsaken retook the city, he was resurrected by them and informed that he had broken free of the will of the Lich King. Unfortunately for him, he had absolutely no idea who that was. He has awoken in a strange land. Daily he finds new ways in which the Azeroth he once knew has changed, disliking most of them.


If you were raised from the dead 2,800 years after you last knew of anything, you'd be grumpy too. He holds a general contempt for most things, and cares little for the troubles of what he doesn't see as his world any longer. Even the Kirin Tor, whom he obeys, he sees as replacements to the old council. He has few friends, and treats those with little more manners than the rest. A generally unlikable chap, though his stories of such a long time agom do enthrall some.

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