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General Attributes

Name: Relon Antonius Jerico

Race: Human, Stormwind

Age: 26

Current Home: Stormwind, Elwynn Forest

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Affiliation: Kingdom of Stormwind, Church of the Holy Light, and Order of Demonbane

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Profession: Blacksmith and Mining

Class: Paladin

Level: 70

Physical Description

Relon has a height of 6'2, standing at an average among men in the Jerico family, respectively an inch shorter then his elder brother. Many of Relon's dominant traits can also been seen in the rest of his family. Notably his vibrant blonde hair and deep blue eyes. His build could be best described as healthy, lacking a robust and heavy build but has maintained a decent composure and athletic size. This could be mostly attributed to his time and training as a paladin, which can be rigorous both mentally and physicly.

His hair is usually well kept despite his lifestyle, usually tightly pulled back into a poney tail. His beard is usually well groomed and cut. Admitedly cleaner and more well mannered then most humans, which could be attributed to both his mother and a kaldorei woman who he has grown close to.

Childhood, Holy Light give me Strength

Relon Antoinus Jerico, devouted Paladin of the Holy Light, was one of the many human children to become product of the unique history which had spanned his entire life. Born five years after his older brother, Talfus, was marked as following one year and three months after the original destruction of old Stormwind and the Kingdom of Azeroth. His father, serving now as an Alliance soldier around his birth, had previously lead the Jerico family native of Stormwind to Lordaeron city. Their father, Robert Jerico, in truth had wanted to relocate the family to Stratholme, however their mother pushed for them to live in the "holiest city of the Alliance" - Lordaeron. Despite his objections he could not argue with his pregnant wife. Eventually Robert Jerico was called off to the battlefront while both of his children were raised by Marigilde, a pious and strict mother to say the least. Living in the city was not an easy life, poverty and fears of the horde were more then rampant. Every day so it seemed more and more young men would be called off to fight for the Alliance. These fears and poverty so it seemed were hidden by the glorious architecture and various spectacles put foward by Lordaeron. Every now and then Relon, with his friends, would run to the main street watching as columns of Alliance soldiers were marched to meet in violent combat with the dreaded Horde. During these said marches he would see his first paladin, rows of them on horseback - Knights of the Silver Hand. Marigilde, more then happy to learn of her younger sons interest, was quick to teach her youngest about the Silver Hand. Soon enough however the troubles of living in a state of war would take its toll upon the Jerico family, which would be a dictating factor in Relon's life to come.

Finding it more and more difficult to raise two children on a simple soldiers paycheck, Relon was sent to be raised and taught by an order of priests. He was not the only one there of course, living among dozens of other young children who had been sent here by money stricken parents. There the young Relon would begin to learn in depth about the Holy Light and all the values of the faith. Strangely while other children felt depressed or sad about being sent away, Relon had embraced the chance to be raised by these holy men. So much so his deep interest in the Holy Light would eventually dictate his entire youth. Naturally his peers at the convent would take notice, teaching him how to write and read through use of various spiritual literature. Young Relon would often play with the children, acting the part of a Knight of the Silver Hand.

Being surrounded by priests eventually someone had taken notice. Wanting to give the children a little 'treat' the headmaster of the boarding house at the time had request for the arrival of a paladin. That day perhaps something went off inside Relon's head, from that day on his interest in paladins had been solidified to last beyond his childhood. Causing him to push his learning further, excelling both intellectually and with the recitement of simple prayers. However Relon was still a child so he remained unable to comprehend any of the complex works of literature, also unable to visit the library of Lordaeron. Unfortunetly he would come to never be able to read these said works. Worst he had began to miss his family, friends, and even the people of his neighborhood which had consisted of a wide variety of refugees like himself from the Kingdom of Azeroth. Only to find comfort during the various visits by his mother and older brother.

Stormwind, Return to the Home Never Seen

While in the midst of the second war Alliance forces had begun to push the Horde outside the ruins of Stormwind. Eventually all of the Horde would be pushed back into the Black Morass. News of this had began widespread cheering and festivals among the large amount of refugees living abroad. With the Horde badly beaten many veteran soldiers were sent back home to rest themselves, among them Robert Jerico, now a capable low ranking officer in the Alliance army. Though the Jerico family had not seen their father in many years he had returned with plenty of change. By the time Relon had set eyes on him he was for the most part unfamiliar, however soon enough Relon had returned home beside his father. For a week they lived as a normal family, until on the seventh day he had presented Marigilde with an opportunity. Though Lordaeron had been their home for many years, Stormwind was where both born and was the family place of heritage.

Naturally both boys didn't want to leave Lordaeron, unfortunetly for them the choice was not theirs for the choosing. Soon enough the family had began to pack up bags and set out south with other refugees in a caravan group. The Jerico's would become one of the first families to resettle the city of 'New' Stormwind.

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