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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Flinthammer Hall is a fan fiction site located at The site has been active since 2005, although some of the pieces date to 2004 and the beta period of the original World of Warcraft game.

Ringo and Beli are played by a real-life husband and wife team who play on Silver Hand US. Beli does nearly all the art, while Ringo has written many of the more recent adventures.

The real life birth of their first child was commemorated on their site with a piece that went live on July 11, 2007.

Ringo and Beli were interviewed for the January 12, 2010 episode of the Twisted Nether Blogcast.


All of the supporting characters are either NPCs in the game, or are player characters. The only made-up NPCs are some of Ringo and Beli's relatives.

Ringo Flinthammer

Ringo is a dwarven rifleman originally from Anvilmar, and a member of the Bronzebeard Clan.

He is a gnome engineer, specializing in gunsmithing.

His constant companions are a white bear named Frostmaw and an Alterac Valley owl named Daedalus. Shortly after the end of the Third War, an unknown person sent him a panda cub, in memory of his slain mother and father. He has not yet discovered the origin of the bear cub, nor who sent it to him.

Ringo is the only member of his immediate family not to fight during the Third War. He had been a member of Feranor Steeltoe's expedition to kill the drake Searinox. Ringo's leg was broken when a slain dragon whelp fell on him. He has since risen to the rank of Knight-Captain with the Alliance. He currently leads a militia known as Sawed Off.

Both of Ringo's parents were slain by the Burning Legion. As a result, he has been haunted for years by nightmares of the Burning Legion invading Khaz Modan. Because of just such a dream, he set out for Quel'thalas to see what connection, if any, the blood elves have with the Legion and ultimately joined forces with the Shattered Sun Offensive. Along the way, he has acquired an Imp in a Ball, ironically putting him in closer contact with demons than he has previously been comfortable with.

Ringo and Beli were part of the initial Alliance expedition to the Azuremyst Isles following the crash of the Exodar. Of course, they mistakenly believed the draenei were demons and almost caused a diplomatic incident thanks to their guerrilla attacks on Azure Watch.

After taking part in a protracted siege of Ulduar, Ringo has been given a proto-drake to raise by Brann Bronzebeard. Ringo has creatively named the beast Rusty. (His land mount is a ram named Beer Run.)

Ringo's family

Ringo is the second youngest child in a family of boys, although he is the only known survivor of the Third War in his immediate family.

Magnus Flinthammer

Ringo's father, a rifleman as well. He taught Ringo to fish at Darrowmere Lake on a trip to Stratholme following the Second War.

He and Ringo's mother died during the Battle of Mount Hyjal.

Ringo's brothers

Ringo has a number of as-yet-unnamed brothers, all but one of them older than him. All of them were among the riflemen taken to Northrend with Muradin Bronzebeard and stranded there once Arthas Menethil burned the fleet's ships.

Bragh Flinthammer

The second-oldest Flinthammer Boy, Bragh is exceptionally good with animals, and he and Bethaine used to spend days in the wilds of Dun Morogh, living with the animals. His skill as a tracker and animal-handler led Muradin's agent to hire him for the Northrend expedition, and when Bragh was hired, the rest insisted on being hired as well.

Bragh is as silent as Durkon is talkative, and will often tag along with his older brother on adventures.

Durkon Flinthammer

The oldest of the Flinthammer Boys, Durkon Flinthammer is a famous dwarven hero, making his name during the Second War. He is smarter, tougher, stronger, faster and deadlier than his younger brothers, and never lets his brothers forget it. (And, unfortunately, he seems to be right about all of it.) Only Bragh can stand to be around him for extended periods of time.

Ely Flinthammer

Ringo's youngest brother, who sent word to Ringo in Quel'Danas via Glorenfeld, saying that he was alive and living in Valgarde. Unlike his brothers, he has always been more interested in economics and finances than warfare, and served under the quartermaster while serving with the the Ironforge Mountaineers.

Mordun Flinthammer

Ringo's brother Mordun is the middle child of the family, older than Ringo, but younger than Durkon and Bragh. Perennially filthy, often drunk and more than a little wild, his brothers always claim he's secretly a Wildhammer dwarf their family adopted.

Ringo's cousins

Mangorn and Raena Flinthammer

Mangorn, Ringo's cousin, runs an armor shop in The Commons of Ironforge with his wife, Raena.

Bethaine Flinthammer

Ringo's cousin Bethaine works at the Deepwater Tavern in Menethil Harbor, tending to patrons' mounts.

Beli Rockbottom Flinthammer

Beli is a dwarf priest and a member of the Bronzebeard Clan. Although she spent much of her formative years in Lakeshire -- and was, in fact, named after Bellygrub -- she is a native of Khaz Modan. Magni Bronzebeard met her as a child, and often teased her that she looked a great deal like his daughter.

Following the discovery of Uldaman, she has become a prophet of the Titans, particularly of Khaz'goroth. As part of her religious beliefs, she devoutly believes in the existence of Greatfather Winter.

A goblin engineer, she beat Ringo, Piko and Widge to the punch when all four set about attempting to be the first to build a working flying machine.

She is a Lieutenant Commander with the Alliance, and has received a special commendation from High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque. Despite her high rank, she hates bugs and had fought with Ringo in a vain attempt to not participate in the War of the Shifting Sands in Silithus.

Much to Ringo's distress, she has adopted a Murloc child, who has proven to be loyal, if extremely mischievous.

She is an outspoken critic of Senator Barin Redstone.

Beli's family

Beli is the youngest of three children. Her entire family cheats at games of chance, much to Ringo's irritation.

Bael Rockbottom

Beli's father. He and his wife live in the towers overlooking Thelsamar, but are rarely home, as his construction work takes him all over the Eastern Kingdoms.

Dorae Rockbottom

Beli's mother.

Kort Rockbottom

Beli's brother, the eldest child of the Rockbottom family. What he does for a living is an open question, leading Ringo to believe Kort is a Rogue, although Kort denies it.

Omar Rockbottom

Beli's brother, the middle child. Unusually for a dwarf, he is incredibly lazy, with no discernible ambition or job skills.

Reiya Rockbottom

Kort's scantily attired wife.

Bael Flinthammer

The infant child of Ringo and Beli, born in Loch Modan, 31 years after the opening of the Dark Portal. He is named after Beli's father.

He enjoys torturing Lucky, a black lion Ringo tamed specifically to be his son's companion and guardian.

Supporting characters

Belsun Grimaxe

A dwarf warrior, and a member of Ringo's militia.


A dwarf rogue, well, "scout." He is a member of Ringo's militia.


A night elf druid.

Gnooki Bootsgnocker

A gnome mage. A member of Ringo's militia, she formerly ran the Half Pint and Tickle Inn in Gnomeregan, before that city's fall.


A night elf druid. A member of Ringo's militia, he monitored Beli's health when she was pregnant with her son Bael.

Joss Kyroson

A human paladin, friend of the Flinthammers and member of the Argent Crusade.

Matthias Somerset

A human paladin, formerly a member of the Aldor, now a member of the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Mozzbi Redstone

A wizened dwarf rifleman, and a member of Ringo's militia.


A gnome warlock and engineer. He worked with Ringo and Widge on building their flying machines. A member of Ringo's militia.

Robaz the Frail

A night elf priest of Elune. A member of Ringo's militia, Robaz is among the first night elves Ringo ever met.

Voca Lodestone

A gnome warlock. A member of Ringo's militia.

Widge Gearloose

A gnome mage and engineer. He worked with Ringo and Piko on building their flying machines. A member of Ringo's militia. He is a little obsessed with Jaina Proudmoore.