Move along. Theres nothing to see here.

I'm joking take a look around!

About me!

The Status Logo. Current Status: 46. It's amazing what a single run through Maraudon can do!
Also known as the Facts Logo. The Important Facts:

Dragon is 'Drakken' in Swedish. Thats pretty cool. Why can't we be more unique? Roleplaying Status: Bored. Want to Roleplay?
Axes are for Warriors. Charriots Of Fire Status: Completely Lost. Forgot Rank, have no idea what I'm doing since the guild went Endgame.
And I don't like Warriors much, unless they are covering me. :) Phule's Company Status: I don't know... recruit maybe?


I'm not the type to have too many Characters, so here they are:


For the Horde! They have Blood Elves! Whoops. There goes my so-called 'neutrality'.

Kalmya's Roleplaying Story. It's not ready yet!

Things About This Player

Inv helmet 46.png This user plays on an RP server and does, in fact, roleplay there.
IconSmall HighElf Male.gif
IconSmall HighElf Female.gif
This user roleplays as a high elf.
FemaleIcon.jpg This user plays as a female character.
Ability parry.png This user is dedicated, but not hardcore.
Consortium Tabard.jpg This user feels neutral.
Inv misc book 07.png This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
A level 70 blood elf Paladin. This user plays as a blood elf paladin.
A level 70 night elf Druid. This user plays as a night elf druid.
IconLarge Draenei Male.gif
IconLarge Draenei Female.gif
This user can pronounce draenei.
Mini Chuck.png "Where is Mankrik's wife?"
This user survived Barrens Chat.
VengeanceIcon.JPG This user would like Warden to be a playable class.
MurlocRaneman.jpg This user wants to Save the Murlocs!
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