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Why is it so important we return Huo? Well, we'll get to that in a minute. Right now we need to worry about how to get where he's been hiding out, face a challenge or two, and then finally race to the Temple of Five Dawns.

From our adventures at Wu-Song Village - and our annoying encounter with the hozen - we have a short jaunt to the west. More hozen line the path, but these guys are easily avoidable now, not rushing at us like they were in the village. From the outside, the Shrine of Inner-Light looks like any other cave we've ever stepped into. Once inside, we see this just isn't the case, as the pandaren architecture has been seamlessly integrated into even this mundane environment.

Inside the opening we go, past the lone monk standing guard. Skirt some flaming pillars, and then we get to see why Huo's been here!

After admiring the handiwork, we come across Master Li Fei, who guards the path leading to Huo. Of course, we can't just scoot past him (even if he wasn't a quest giver) as the entrance to Huo's little hideaway is blocked by a wall of fire. Li Fei has us light some braziers, then we need to face him in combat to prove ourselves. While he gets a massive health boost, we get a handful of buffs to fight him with. Success! And now on to Huo, who is probably the cutest little fiery-spirit-guardian-cat in the world.

So now we meet Huo and do some reignition of his mojo. He grows a bit, then pops off his little pedestal to join us in our journey to the Temple, giving us a speed buff in the process. Up to the Temple we go! But wait - some great shots of the Dawning Stair, the long path we need to take to get to the Temple.

And now we get to the Temple, which is fairly large and serves as the religious and cultural center on the Wandering Isle. Not to mention the fact it is in the center of the Isle and all roads lead to it.

Hey, it's Master Shang Xi again! Well, we weren't really surprised, as he seems to pop up at almost every quest hub. He greets Huo as the little guy flies to the central statue and into the lantern, making the place all bright and warm. And now Shang Xi lets us really know what's going on and why we needed Huo: Shen-zin Su, the turtle that the Wandering Isle sits atop (or is) is in great pain. Somehow the ancient spirits can help with that, and Huo was the first step.

Now we need to go assist Aysa Cloudsinger and Ji Firepaw in tracking down and bringing the others to the Temple...

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