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Before the last beta patch dropped, players were able to track "wild pets", the wild critters we could capture to be our battle pets in the upcoming Pet Battle System.

Recently the ability to track the wild pets was removed from the beta, but we were able to track down a small sample of these future pets (subject to change, of course) and thought we'd share them. Our full listing of battle pets as we know them can be found on the battle pets page.

Wild Pets
Screenshot Name Zones
AdderWP.jpg Adder Blasted Lands
AshSpiderlingWP.jpg Ash Spiderling Searing Gorge
AshViperWP.jpg Ash Viper Burning Steppes
BeetleWP.jpg Beetle Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn
BlackRatWP.jpg Black Rat Duskwood
BlackSheepWP.jpg Black Sheep Elwynn Forest
CockroachWP.jpg Cockroach Burning Steppes
CrimsonMothWP.jpg Crimson Moth Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn
DuskSpiderlingWP.jpg Dusk Spiderling Duskwood
FawnWP.jpg Fawn Elwynn Forest · Westfall
FireBeetleWP.jpg Fire Beetle Blasted Lands · Burning Steppes · Molten Span
FledglingBuzzardWP.jpg Fledgling Buzzard Redridge Mountains
ForestSpiderlingWP.jpg Forest Spiderling Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn
HugeToadWP.jpg Huge Toad Swamp of Sorrows
LavaBeetleWP.jpg Lava Beetle Burning Steppes
LavaCrabWP.jpg Lava Crab Burning Steppes · Searing Gorge
LizardHatchlingWP.jpg Lizard Hatchling Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn
Long-tailedMoleWP.jpg Long-tailed Mole Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn
MoccasinWP.jpg Moccasin Swamp of Sorrows
MoltenHatchlingWP.jpg Molten Hatchling Searing Gorge
MountainCottontailWP.jpg Mountain Cottontail Elwynn Forest · Redridge Mountains
MouseWP.jpg Mouse Westfall · Duskwood
ParrotWP.jpg Parrot Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn · Swamp of Sorrows
PrairieDogWP.jpg Prairie Dog Westfall
RabbitWP.jpg Rabbit Elwynn Forest · Westfall · Duskwood · Redridge Mountains
RatWP.jpg Rat Swamp of Sorrows
RatSnakeWP.jpg Rat Snake Duskwood
RedridgeRatWP.jpg Redridge Rat Redridge Mountains
RoachWP.jpg Roach Duskwood · Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn · Redridge Mountains
ScorpionWP.jpg Scorpion Blasted Lands · Burning Steppes
ScorplingWP.jpg Scorpling Blasted Lands
SheepWP.jpg Sheep Redridge Mountains
ShoreCrabWP.jpg Shore Crab Westfall · Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn · Swamp of Sorrows
SkunkWP.jpg Skunk Duskwood
SmallFrogWP.jpg Small Frog Elwynn Forest · Westfall · Duskwood
SnakeWP.jpg Snake Westfall
SpiderWP.jpg Spider Blasted Lands · Swamp of Sorrows
SquirrelWP.jpg Squirrel Elwynn Forest · Duskwood
SwampMothWP.jpg Swamp Moth Swamp of Sorrows
TinyHarvesterWP.jpg Tiny Harvester Westfall
ToadWP.jpg Toad Swamp of Sorrows
TreePythonWP.jpg Tree Python Northern Stranglethorn · Cape of Stranglethorn
WaterSnakeWP.jpg Water Snake Swamp of Sorrows

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