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The Mists of Pandaria

Continuing upload of BlizzCon 2011 information. For part 1, see BlizzCon content part 1

J. Allen Brack interview points

A few little tidbits from the interview prior to the Class panel:

  • No news on additional character slots
  • Dance Studio still in the works; might be some time until release
  • No inclination to do a tri-spec as of yet
  • Thought about goblins as the first neutral race to be able to choose Alliance or Horde. Idea stuck and was later applied to Pandaren
  • Talking about finding a way to have the Pet Battle System available via the iPhone or other device; would be a "massive undertaking"
  • Will Warcraft be getting an Auction House where players can sell items for real-world money, as in Diablo III? They'll wait and see what happens with that experiment, but no talks of doing it right now

Class talent changes

Remember that all specs will now share the same talent choices: no talent trees!

Death Knight Death Knight talent changes

Druid Druid

Hunter Hunter

Thinking of allowing Hunters to choose what spec they want for their pet, ie Ferocity, etc.

Mage Mage

[Arcane Blast] will be Arcane, [Fireball] will be Fire, and [Frostbolt] will now be Frost abilities.

Paladin Paladin

Priest Priest

Rogue Rogue

Shaman Shaman

Now all shaman are given the ability to have an instant [Ghost Wolf].

Warlock Warlock

Warrior Warrior

All stances will now have the ability to [Charge].