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Greetings from Anaheim! We've managed to survive the first bit of BlizzCon and have some great news about the next Warcraft expansion: Warlords of Draenor (ps - The Dark Below was a hoax). I know everyone just wants to get to the meat of the news, so here we go!


Remember Garrosh? Yeah, who doesn't? Well, if you thought he would roll over and stay imprisoned indefinitely, you are dead wrong. Garrosh escapes imprisonment and, thanks to a "friend" that can bend time, hops back to where it all began: before the opening of the Dark Portal.

To what end, though? One might think his motives pure (if one hadn't met him) as he wants to prevent the orcs from drinking the blood of Mannoroth. That's all well and good, but his true reason? To unite the orc clans within Draenor, arm them with modern-day technology, and then bring them through a Dark Portal that is tweaked to dump this new Iron Horde into our time. Not to have tea, but to crush the Horde and Alliance.

You may be rolling your eyes and sighing just a touch if you think he'll be the main boss of the expansion again, but fear not: Chris Metzen has been kind enough to shoot that theory down. There is a "man behind the man" that we'll be meeting.


New stuff and systems

  • New player models
    • High priority to keep the soul of the original models
    • Higher fidelity
    • Greater facial detail
  • Garrisons
    • WoW version of Player housing!
    • Build your own base on Draenor
    • Collect followers
      • Have them run missions/quests/dungeons, etc.
      • Have them gather or craft
      • Many ways to collect them
      • Level them up through missions
      • Increase their gear ilvl once maxed out
      • They have abilities and traits
    • Customize!
    • Integrated directly into the world
    • Rewards: epic gear, own piece of land, unique benefits from buildings, limited access to professions you don't have (like placing a mine)
    • Garrisons can be expanded over three tiers
    • Select which buildings you want
      • Building can be upgraded and have specialization when reaching maximum rank (3)
      • Example: Inn - find new followers, access to cooking
    • Interact with followers and buildings
    • Monuments and trophies showcasing things like achievements/kills
  • Inventory updates
    • Adding Heirlooms, toys, and maybe tabards to collection panel
    • Sortable bags (designate bags for certain items, such as vendor trash, gear, etc.)
    • Quest items no longer stored in bags
    • Craft directly from the bank
  • Adventure Guide
    • Reveal opportunities for character progression (better gear, instances, professions, reputation, etc.)
    • Next steps to get achievements, explore, finish quest lines, etc.


  • Homeworld of the orcs before it was shattered into Outland.
  • Heart of the draenei civilization
  • A brutal, primal world of giants
  • 7 new zones
  • Goal is to defeat the Iron Horde before they can come through the Dark Portal


Orc clans

Frostwolf clan
Shadowmoon clan
Shattered Hand clan
Blackrock clan
Warsong clan
Bleeding Hollow clan

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