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Continuing our coverage with a semi-late blog Winky.gif Time flies when you're scrambling to different panels for different games - here's some of the info we had yet to blog about, but thanks to our hard working community here, is likely already placed on their respective home pages!


Frostfire Ridge


  • Dry, desolate desert of stone and steam vents
  • Home of the Blackrock clan who will try to harness the steam vents to build thier machines of war

Tanaan Jungle

Shadowmoon Valley

Spires of Arak


  • Green plains and rolling hills
    • Hosts the crystal mountain of Oshu'gun which is sacred to the orcs and they believe houses the spirits of their ancestors
    • The least afected zone in the original timeline after the catastrophe that created Outland
  • Home of the Warsong clan


  • Autumnal forest, similar to Eversong Woods
    • Center of the draenei civilization and the great city of Shattrath
    • Also contains the shrine of Auchindoun that is most sacred to the draenei
  • So far no orc clan has appeared to try to settle here


Bloodmaul Slag Mines

  • Located in Frostfire Ridge
  • Designed to have four bosses in a non-linear layout
  • Story: Cruel ogre slavers operate within a sweltering volcano; the objective is to liberate captive Frostwolf clan orcs and draenei to stage a revolt


Flex raid is the future and Blizzard will be expanding on it with a new raid system:

  • Raid Finder: 10-20 man flex raids
  • Normal raids: 10-20 man flex raids
  • Heroic: 10-20 man flex raids
  • Mythic: 20 man raids (non-flex)

Blackrock Foundry

  • Located in Gorgrond
  • First raid for level 100 players with 10 bosses and non-linear like Ulduar
  • Story: Dismantle the foundry, destroy the Iron Horde's war machines, and defeat Warlord Blackhand of the Blackrock clan



Ashran, a small island to the east, will be the PvP zone. It is described as "how old Alterac Valley was"

  • Staging area near the Dark Portal
  • Faction bases and hotspots, with real-time monitoring of important areas
  • Described as a PvP "sandbox"


Though the same system will remain in place regarding farming honor for gear, they're adding in a "bonus random" component as well, meaning the gear you're working for? It may be rewarded to you earlier.


See Trial of the Gladiator.

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