Order Halls (or class halls) in case you weren't aware, are where the heroes from both factions set up a base of operations for their class in order to fight the Burning Legion - you know, because the Alliance and Horde have, of course, put aside their differ... oh, never mind.

Here players can perform a multitude of tasks, including augmenting their artifact weapon and interacting with heroes from all over the world. They can discover new quests to embark upon based on what their followers report, or even voyage to new areas as-yet undiscovered.

Today we showcase the first three we've had the opportunity to delve into. Most classes establish their Order Hall upon the culmination of, or in the middle of, acquiring their artifact weapon.

Death Knights

Death Knights once again find themselves in Acherus, since it can be flown anywhere in the world. At this point it looks like a lot of it is still under construction, but below you can find pictures and a list of NPCs that are currently waiting for you.


Demon Hunters

Though it was long told that Mardum would serve as the Order Hall for Demon Hunters, that only proved to be technically true. The Hall itself is the floating fortress of the Fel Hammer - beginning demon hunters will recognize this as the site of their last battle before being captured by the Wardens. Turns out not all the Illidari were deep in sleep for a decade, and those that remained behind finished the work of ridding that particular Burning Legion world of demons.

Upper floor
Lower floor
Class trainers


Druids get to fight their way through a part of the Emerald Nightmare to reach their Order Hall, which is better described as an order subzone. It's best visualized as an expansion of the trainer area within Darnassus where the hunters and druids are - but this is much larger, with some unique architecture as well. Add some prancing dryads and faerie dragons and you get the point.

Barrow Den
Vendor area (?)

Legion alpha takes a break starting December 21! We'll be back in the new year with more dives into Order Halls and much, much more. Until then, happy holidays!

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