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The Vault of the Wardens is the prison where the Wardens hold their most powerful prisoners. Illidan Stormrage is held here, along with a myriad assortment of demons both fel and powerful. The Illidari, due to their very nature, are held within their own wing, but an assault by the Burning Legion throws the Wardens into chaos, and none other than Maiev Shadowsong is forced to turn to those she despises the most to drive the demons away. Demon hunters awaken here after having secured the Sargerite Keystone in Mardum; it was to be a victorious return to the Black Temple, but the Wardens captured them, and now they have been slumbering for a decade...

For a complete look at all the quests within the Vault of the Wardens, please see this list. Within, the second half of the demon hunter starting experience in unveiled, complete with maps, coordinates, and rewards.

For a glimpse into what NPCs players interact with and what mobs they'll face, see this page. The Wardens are all but gone due to the terrible might of the Legion, leaving the Illidari to largely fend for themselves, especially after Maiev leaps through a portal to pursue Gul'dan.

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First floor

Vault of Silence
Illidari Ward
Tomb of the Penitent
Vault of the Betrayer

Second floor

Fallen Passage
Demon Ward
Vault of Ice
Vault of Mirrors
Vault of Law

Third floor

Warden's Court
Chamber of Night

Meeting between Khadgar and the Illidari.