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Calling all MMO fans!

I'm excited to announce that Wikia will be creating a Key Moments in MMO History video. This video will give viewers insight on some of the genre's best games, and the best moments from those games. We want to know which moments of World of Warcraft have resonated with players the most!

What is the most important moment in World of Warcraft's History? (For example, Was it is the opening the gates of An'Qiraj? Or the earth-shattering release of the Cataclysm expansion?) We want to hear your opinions to help bring this video to life!

Please submit your comments below. If you would like to personally be featured in the video, record your comment as an audio narration. Your comment could be used to highlight the entire World of Warcraft community! Audio submissions can be recorded as an MP3 file, or a Skype call can be scheduled for recording. For those interested, please send an email to with your recorded audio narrations, or to schedule a day to record. Thank you!

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