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This page documents a user-defined function that you can copy and paste into your addon. Replace <PREFIX> with your AddOn's prefix to avoid conflicts between different versions of these functions.

These are cut-and-paste functions that you can use in your addons, submitted by WoWWiki contributors.  See also UI Snippets.

Additional snippets and useful ideas:
AddOn defined functions
User defined macros
User defined modules


The following functions aim at extending the information WoW API provides; some are provided by specialized addons rather than being copy/pastable.


allAreType(type,...) - Returns true if all the additional parameters are of the type specified.

Arguments & Returns

setArgs(myTable, "name", ...) - remember list of arguments to use for a callback
getArgs(myTable, "name", ...) - retreive stored list of arguments, plus optional extras
GetReturnValues(order, functionCall) - Get the return values from functionCall in any order you want.

Color Functions

ColorGradient(perc, R1, G1, B1, R2, G2, B2[, ...]) - Converts a percent value into a gradient from 2 or more RGB values
HexToRGB("string") - Converts a hex color string to RGB values (0-255)
HexToRGBPerc("string") - Converts a hex color string to RGB values (0.0-1.0)
RGBToHex(red, green, blue) - Converts a RGB value (0-255) into a hex string
RGBPercToHex(red, green, blue) - Converts a RGB value (0.0-1.0) into a hex string

Cursor Functions

GetCursorScaledPosition() - Return the exact position the cursor is at based on scale.

Event Functions

PLAYER_MONEY - Add a message to the chat frame when you gain or spend money.

Frame Functions

GetQuadrant(frame) - Find which quadrant of the screen a frame lies in.
GetUIParentAnchor(frame) - Returns SetPoint args for a frame, anchor is relative to nearest corner of screen.
RegisterEvents(...) - Register n number of events at once.
UnregisterEvents(...) - Unregister n number of events at once.
SetManyAttributes(...) - Simple function to embed in a frame to set many atributes at once.
UnregisterEventFromAllFrames(event) - Tell all the frames listening for event to stop listening for it.
addDropDownMenuButton(uid, dropdown, index, title, usable, onClick [, hint]) - Adds a new button to a drop down (right-click menu)

Guild Functions

GuildNameToIndex(name, searchOffline) - finds the 'guild' player index for a player name, for other guild functions.

Item Functions

EquipItemByLink(link) - Equips the first matching item found in the player's bags.

Localization Tables

LocalizedClassNames - Table of localized classes

Map Functions

GetPlayerBearing() - Returns the player's current facing bearing based on minimap arrow


Memorizing table - A special table that calculates values as needed and saves them into itself

Number Functions

round(input, n) - Round input to n places.
truncate(number, n) - Truncate a number to n decimal places.

Slash Function

GetSlashFunc - Get an existing slash command function for hooking.
RunSlashCmd - Passes a slash command to the chatframe
SlashCmdList_AddSlashCommand(name, func, ...)

String Functions

ChunkSplit(string [, length [, endChars]]) - Splits string into groups of 'length' each ending with 'endChars' (identical to PHP ChunkSplit).
CountChars(haystack, needle) - Return how many times needle is contained in haystack.
GetWords("string") - Split words on space boundary, return table
printMSG("string") - Displays a custom message to the default chat frame, for the user to see (time, code and size saver).
strfindt(tabCaptures, ...) - Wrapper for strfind() that returns captures in a table. can be used in if() clauses!
StringHash("string") - Create a fair-quality 32-bit hash of a string
substr("string", start [, length]) - Imp strsub. Returns a string from start of length (identical to PHP substr).

Table Functions

EraseTable(t) - Erase all values from a table
tinsertbeforeval(tab, valBefore, val) - Insert one value before another (without knowing its index)
tremovebyval(tab, val) - Remove a value (without knowing its index)
tcount(tab) - Count table members (works on non-integer-indexed tables)
tcopy(tabTo, tabFrom) - Recursively copy contents of one table to another

Time Functions

Get() - Get server time including seconds and milliseconds
wait(delay,function [, param [,param [,...]]]) - runs a function (with paramenters) after specified amount of time before
SecondsToDays() - Converts seconds to days/hours/minutes/seconds

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