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The Valarjar is a vast army of living vrykul warriors who serve Keeper Odyn in the Halls of Valor. Known to be mortal and immortal, some of the Azeroth's mightest and heroic Vrykul, who are warriors that were killed or proved to be highly worthy, were chosen by Odyn to be brought to the Halls of Valor and be reborn as a eternal reward. Male Vrykul are given mighty and golden stormforged bodies and are Gold Vrykul, and the female Vrykul are given the power over life and death in the form of Val'kyr. Although there were some, who have declined the offer in becoming Gold Vrykul or Val'kyr, are given their flesh again. There are also some original Vrykul, who came from different clans, chose to join the Valarjar due to their high regard, servitude, and honor.

These warriors of the Valarjar are meant to protect the world of Azeroth from any threats. However, in addition to the Dragon Aspects, Odyn was doubtful of the latter's abilities, but that was when his adopted daughter Helya turned his back on him and cursed the Keeper and his army to be trapped within the Halls for eternity. Only flesh-skinned mortal and immortal Vrykul and the living Val'kyr were able to leave from the Halls of Valor to any other place. After Helya met her end by the Battlelord, the Valarjar are now free and aid the Armies of Legionfall to fight against the Burning Legion alongside the other class orders, and their order hall is a section from the floating fortress called Skyhold.

Emissary quests

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Emissary quests for the Valarjar can be turned into Valdemar Stormseeker at Valdisdall, Stormheim.

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