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Valiance Expedition

The Valiance Expedition is the main army of the Alliance in Northrend, moving against the Scourge and unified under King Varian Wrynn's command. These allied forces are also represented in the battleground located on the Strand of the Ancients, where they wage war against the Warsong Offensive. The Expedition has joined forces with other allied forces that have established themselves throughout Northrend, thereby uniting into the Alliance Vanguard.

Expedition Settlements

The Valiance Expedition has established several sizable outposts throughout the continent. The primary base of operations is however located on the shores of Borean Tundra.

Notable Members

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Reputation with the Valiance Expedition can be earned by completing the following daily quests, as well as numerous other regular quests. All reputation gains with Valiance Expedition also reward half of that value in Alliance Vanguard reputation.

Howling Fjord


Grizzly Hills

After having reached an Exalted reputation with the Valiance Expedition, quests will no longer grant Valiance Expedition reputation, but will continue to reward half the value in Alliance Vanguard reputation.

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