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Valiance Keep is the major Alliance settlement in the Borean Tundra,

[59, 65]

similar to Warsong Hold for the Horde. It has a large icebreaker in the center of the town and has regular transport service from Stormwind Harbor via another icebreaker, The Kraken.

Valiance Keep is one of the two primary ports of entry for the Alliance in Northrend (the other being Valgarde in the Howling Fjord, far to the east) and serves as the headquarters for the Valiance Expedition — the main armies of the Alliance in Northrend, under the personal command of King Varian Wrynn. The king remains in Stormwind, leaving his forces on the front lines under the command of his subordinates: Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, who commands the Alliance siege at Angrathar the Wrathgate, and General Arlos, who commands Valiance Keep itself.

The Keep is besieged from without and within by the armies of the Lich King. Outside the walls, the Scourge's nerubian armies dig their sinkholes to provide an underground line of reinforcements for their siege, while they send their flyers to pound the inner defenses. From within, the Cult of the Damned and The San'layn attempt to undermine the Alliance command structure, and has unleashed the plague upon the town of Farshire that provides front-line supplies to the Keep.

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Neutral 15.png Amber Ledge
Alliance Fizzcrank Airstrip
Alliance Stars' Rest
Neutral 15.png Unu'pe


Alliance Stormwind Harbor

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  • A section of Valiance Keep is given the name Inner Hold in a quest.


  • This town was originally called "Justice Keep", but Blizzard reconsidered and gave it its current name. Justice Keep was given to the tower built at Crusaders' Pinnacle. Whether there was an existing name conflict, or whether the name was simply appropriated after the renaming, is unknown.
  • Most of the cannons in the keep can be fired, producing a small muzzle flash and a sound effect. They then need a moment to reload before they can be fired again.