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RoleEnglish Online Community Representative
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"Behold! The glorious Epic Mug of Vaneras... More commonly known as The Alebringer"

The Epic Mug of Vaneras

Vaneras is a Blizzard employee and one of the English language Online Community Representatives for the European World of Warcraft community, normally encountered on the EU forums, specifically the English WoW forums. Vaneras is from Denmark. He is known for his 'Epic Mug of Vaneras' which even has an image featured on the website 'You're The Man Now Dog!'.[1]

He has earned some notoriety amongst the EU warlock community for his comment in a 'Nerf warlocks' thread, "Every time you post a nerf warlocks thread, we buff warlocks more!". The original thread can be found [2]

Vaneras is also known to support the EU community's roleplaying initiatives, and has started a few topics regarding roleplaying issues. He is also known for closing recruitment threads for non-roleplaying communities on RP realms, which has started a few serious flame wars because these communities thought themselves to be wrongfully accused of being non-roleplaying.

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