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Vanessa VanCleef is a bonus boss in the Deadmines, available only on Heroic difficulty.

Tactics summary

  • Heroic:

Gauntlet: Use the valves to escape the forge. Run down the ramp, avoiding the flames, to fight Glubtok near the forge room exit door. Avoid the falling ice target areas. Once Glubtok is dead, fight Helix in the same place; ignore the spiders. Once Helix is dead, go through the door and avoid the spinning electrical beams. At the next door is Foe Reaper. Kill him and go through the door. From this point you will start to gain a stacking movement speed buff, so don't fall into the water. Kill the first group of worgen at the beginning of the dock, the second group at the end of the dock, and James Harrington (another worgen) on the scaffolding that leads up to the top deck.

Vanessa: Once back up at the top, engage Vanessa VanCleef. Kill all the adds that spawn. When she sets the explosives, run to the far side of the upper deck and click on a rope to swing out. As soon as you're back, hit her to stop Vengeance of VanCleef from stacking up. The explosives/rope swing/Vengeance cycle repeats one more time. At the end, when she gets down to low health, she'll set off a suicide bomb. Move to the edge of the upper deck and wait until she dies (anyone too close will be killed by the explosion).


  • [Backslash]—Step through the shadows and slice the back of the enemy, dealing Physical damage over 10 sec.
  • [Deadly Blades]—Vanessa rapidly leaps from target to target, inflicting powerful wounds.
  • [Deflection]—When activated, increases parry chance by 100%, reduces the chance ranged attacks will hit you by 100% and grants a 100% chance to deflect spells.
  • [Vengeance of VanCleef]—Increases the caster's attack speed by 75% and Physical damage dealt for until cancelled.

Objective of



The encounter begins in a gauntlet. First the players must release themselves from custody using the steam pressure vents before they will be cast down into the lava. After that the first nightmare sequence will start. The room will be filled with fire and the icicles (similiar to the ones from the Hodir encounter) will fall. The nightmare will shift when the players reach the exit door from the foundry and must eliminate the spider mobs. When done, the nightmare will shift again. Now players must reach the Ironclad Cove, avoiding the spinning spark walls and destroying red sparks on the way. Next, they must save the Harrington family members by killing a number of worgen attacking them. After that sequence the nightmare elixir will lose its grip upon the players.

Pull the boss to continue the fight. The second phase is pretty simple. During the fight, melee and caster adds will spawn and aid Vanessa. When she is reduced to 50% health she will flee and detonate the explosives on the ship. Players must escape using the ropes at the Side of the boat, where Ripsnarl was standing before he was pulled. The ropes have a mount arrow, and must be taken in order by players to avoid conflicts with rope choices. The ropes then swing players away from the boat which will then explode. The ropes will swing players back onto the boat, and at that point the boat will be on fire. Vanessa will announce that there is another set of charges about to explode, and players must take the ropes off the boat again and swing back. Once she is damaged down to 1% of her health, she will jump off to take her own life.

NOTE: If you are a druid, you MUST shift out of Cat/Bear/Moonkin form to use the ropes, otherwise you will get a 'cannot use this while shapeshifted' error and likely get killed by the bomb blasts.


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Phase 1 Intro
  • You hear a noise from above the cabin door!
  • I've been waiting a long time for this, you know.
  • Biding my time, building my forces, studying the minds of my enemies.
  • I was never very good at hand-to-hand combat, you know. Not like my father.
  • But I always excelled at poisons.
  • Especially venoms that affect the mind.
  • Vanessa injects you with the Nightmare Elixir!
Phase 1 nightmares
  • Trapped
    • Activate the steam valves to free yourself!
  • Glubtok's Nightmare
    • The Nightmare Elixir takes hold!
    • Poor Glubtok. When his powers manifested, his own ogre mound was the first to burn.
    • Deep within his soul, the one thing he feared most of all was...himself.
    • You have entered Glubtok's Nightmare!
  • Helix's Nightmare
    • The nightmare shifts!
    • Most rogues prefer to cloak themselves in the shadows, but not Helix.
    • You never know what skitters in the darkness.
    • You have entered Helix's Nightmare!
  • Mechanical Nightmare
    • The nightmare shifts!
    • Can you imagine the life of a machine?
    • A simple spark can mean the difference between life...and death.
    • You have entered the mechanical nightmare!
  • Ripsnarl's Nightmare
    • The nightmare shifts!
    • Ripsnarl wasn't always a bloodthirsty savage. Once, he even had a family.
    • He was called James Harrington. A tragedy in three parts.
    • You have entered Ripsnarl's nightmare!
    • Save Emme Harrington!
    • Save Erik Harrington!
    • Save Calissa Harrington!
    • Calissa Harrington says: James...please...I love you...
    • James Harrington says: Calissa...I am so sorry...
    • The Nightmare Elixir wears off!
Phase 2 (Aggro)
  • I will not share my father's fate! Your tale ends here!
Phase 3
  • Fools! This entire ship is rigged with explosives! Enjoy your fiery deaths!
  • Vanessa has detonated charges on the ship! Get to the ropes on front of the boat!
Phase 4
  • If I'm going to die, I'm taking you with me!
  • Vanessa detonates the charges atop the wall! Kill her quickly!
  • ENOUGH! I will not give you the pleasure.
  • Vanessa leaps!


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