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Vanir (which translates into "earth giants")[1] are bronze-skinned titans who crafted the mountains and deep places of the world. Their children are the dwarves, gnomes and the cursed troggs who helped them carve out the earth. Like the aesir, they tend to stay away from mortal creatures. Vanir are tougher, but less powerful, than the aesir.[2] They have a connection to the element of Earth.[3]

Known vanir

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Vanir-related titanic watchers

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The Vanir are one of the two pantheons of gods in Norse mythology, the other being the Æsir. Famous/well known Vanir gods are Njord and his twins, Freyr and the Goddess Freyja. All three were sent to live with the Æsir to seal a peace agreement between the two pantheons.

After Ragnarok, Njord and Freya — along with Balder, Hoder, and Thor's sons Magni and Modi — would rule the new world that would arise after the climatic battle. Freyr is notably not in evidence at this point, as by the end of Ragnarok, Freyr has unfortunately been slain by the leader of the "fire giants," Surtr.

Interestingly, the Vanir in Norse were more associated with the Elves than the Dwarves.


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