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The Veiled Stair is located due west of the Jade Forest in Pandaria, linking together the Valley of the Four Winds and Kun-Lai Summit. The Stair is accessed via the Path of a Hundred Steps, the entrance located near the Grassy Cline in the northeastern region of the Valley of Four Winds.

The Path of a Hundred Steps climbs quickly into the mountains, ending at the only major settlement in the region, the Tavern in the Mists. The Tavern is the headquarters of a pandaren black market, and Wrathion can be found within, though whether he is part of the underground network or merely escaping the known world remains a mystery.

As the Stair climbs ever higher into the mountains, a fork to the left takes players to the raid, the Terrace of Endless Spring. Continuing to the (perceived) top of the Stair reveals a large cavern opening, the Ancient Passage, where a friendly pandaren ferryman will take players to Binan Village within Kun-Lai Summit. Venturing into the cave on foot will also allow willing adventurers to access the Secret Aerie via the right-hand passage, home of the People of the Sky. The Aerie itself marks the true northern point of the Stair.


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The Veiled Stair sits high in the mountains,

[58, 50]
[60.5, 57.5]

and much of the area is grey stone or rocky peaks topped with grass. The eastern area closest to the Valley of the Four Winds, right above the Path of a Hundred Steps, is covered with grass and sparse trees, offering food and shelter for the native goats.

Aside from the Ancient Passage, another cave system is found in the east, the Forgotten Legacy. This dark network is filled with saurok, as is the Ancient Passage.

The only water is also found within the Ancient Passage, flowing from Kun-Lai Summit, through the cave, and cascading over a steep waterfall.



Getting There

Both Alliance and Horde players access the Veiled Stair from the Path of a Hundred Steps. The steps begin just outside the Grassy Cline in the Valley of the Four Winds, and there is a flight master at this location that offers speedy access.

Flight Master locations

Neutral Tavern in the Mists

Boat locations

Neutral Ancient Passage to Binan Village, Kun-Lai Summit

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
The Jade Forest HordeAlliance 85-86 East Flying mount
Valley of the Four Winds HordeAlliance 86-88 South Path of a Hundred Steps; flight path
Vale of Eternal Blossoms HordeAlliance 90 West Flying mount
Kun-Lai Summit HordeAlliance 87-88 North The Ancient Passage; flight path


Classification Type
Beast Goats
Humanoid Grummle
Dragonkin Wrathion



Notable characters

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Areas of interest

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Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance (raid) portal Terrace of Endless Spring 90+ 10/25 man TBD


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