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Velog Icebellow is a Frost dwarf at Frosthold. He helps you in certain quests by lending you a Stormcrest Eagle to ride. He later on takes charge of the Frostborn Clan after Yorg Stormheart goes to settle some unfinished business in A [80] The Brothers Bronzebeard, only staying behind because of orders from the king himself..


While flying to the Combat The Iron Watcher with Velog in the course of doing the quest A [80] Fervor of the Frostborn, he tells the story of how the frostborn found Yorg Stormheart:

Velog Icebellow says: King Stormheart is putting you to the test, eh? He must see something in you to begin with or I doubt he'd put you through such a sacred ritual.
Velog Icebellow says: I know you're new to our kind, so I'll catch you up a bit while we're on our way over.
Velog Icebellow says: Years back, my father and several other frostborn were returning from a trek across Dragonblight. There was a heavy blizzard... far worse than we've ever seen since.
Velog Icebellow says: They crossed a trail of blood-soaked snow and followed it to a dwarf wandering and speaking in a dialect they couldn't make out... and not a dwarf of our kind mind you, but a mountain dwarf - something our kind had not seen before.
Velog Icebellow says: The dwarf seemed lost, having no memory of where he came from, or even of his own name. Not being the kind to leave a dwarven cousin to die in the snow, my father's party took him in and continued back towards Frosthold.
Velog Icebellow says: Not long later, out of nowhere, the snow burst before them and a jormungar the size of Veranus herself came down upon their party... one of them was swallowed whole before they even had time to react.
Velog Icebellow says: My father thought they were all doomed... but behind him, a furious roar rumbled across the snow, and he turned to see the mountain dwarf growing in size, his skin taking on a stone-like texture, and his hands sizzling with lightning.
Velog Icebellow says: The dwarf barreled forward with a sound like rolling thunder and hurled a shining metal hammer, lightning coursing over its surface, directly into the jormungar's throat.
Velog Icebellow says: The jormungar collapsed instantly, its head barely still attached to its convulsing body. My father turned to the dwarf in awe and raised a fist in praise...
Velog Icebellow says: The stranger having no name of his own, my father deemed "Yorg," a name reserved for the champions of legend. Years later, he now stands before us as Yorg Stormheart, King of the Frostborn.
Velog Icebellow says: King Stormheart has trained us well... turned us into even more fearsome warriors than we could have boasted during the time of our war with the Frost Giants.
Velog Icebellow says: And as one of the fiercest tests put upon a warrior of the frostborn, we are made to face a creature far larger than ourselves--giants, dragons, jormungar--as a testament to the fact that size will never be our weakness.
Velog Icebellow yells: This is the test put before you this day. Return to us only once The Iron Watcher is dead, and be revered as a warrior of the frostborn.
Velog Icebellow yells: He is slow from the rust of the ages... be quick on your feet and he will not best you. You have King Stormheart's favor - do not disappoint.

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