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Vesperon is a summoned twilight drake in the Obsidian Sanctum, appearing in the fight with Sartharion.

Attacks and Abilities

If left alive, he will apply his aura, Power of Vesperon, to the entire raid as long as he is alive, decreasing everyone's maximum health by 25%.


Vesperon should be tanked facing away from the raid.

Periodically, Vesperon opens a portal to the Twilight. A team of DPS, armed with a healer and tank, should head into the portal and nuke down the add that spawns inside it. All members take 1000 Shadow damage per second while in the portal, so healing can be intensive or players can leap out as required. A shadow resistance buff from a priest is helpful here.

In a 10-man, the entire raid — except for the main tank, who stays on Vesperon, and a healer to heal the main tank — should head into the portal. In 25-man raids, the number that enters the portal is not as important.

Rinse and repeat until Vesperon is dead.


10 or 25-man
Spell holy summonchampion.png


25-man encounter


Called by Sartharion
Sartharion yells: Vesperon! The clutch is in danger! Assist me!
Vesperon yells: Father was right about you, Sartharion... You are a weakling!
  • You pose no threat, lesser beings... give me your worst!
Breath Attack
  • I will pick my teeth with your bones!
  • Aren't you tricky... I have a few tricks of my own...
  • Unlike you, I have many talents.
Killing a player
  • The least you could do is put up a fight...
  • Was that the best you can do?
  • I still have some... fight... in... me...


His name is likely taken from the word vesper, which means "of or pertaining to the evening." Vesperon is also the word for evening in Esperanto.

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