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Lord Victor Nefarius <Lord of Blackrock> is the (apparent) human lord of Blackrock Mountain and is often seen near the arena in Blackrock Spire and in Blackwing Lair.

In truth, Lord Nefarius is the mortal form of the black dragon Nefarian, taking human form to fool others — including his puppet Warchief Rend Blackhand. He echoes his father Deathwing (Lord Daval Prestor) and his sister Onyxia (Lady Katrana Prestor) in his use of human form to manipulate mortals.


Lord Victor Nefarius: Excellent... it would appear as if the meddlesome insects have arrived just in time to feed my legion. Welcome, mortals!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Let not even a drop of their blood remain upon the arena floor, my children. Feast on their souls!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Foolsss...Kill the one in the dress!
Warchief Rend Blackhand: Sire, let me join the fray! I shall tear their spines out with my bare hands!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Concentrate your attacks upon the healer!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Inconceivable!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Do not force my hand, children! I shall use your hides to line my boots.
Warchief Rend Blackhand: Defilers!
Warchief Rend Blackhand: Impossible!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Your efforts will prove fruitless. None shall stand in our way!
Lord Victor Nefarius: THIS CANNOT BE!!! Rend, deal with these insects.
Warchief Rend Blackhand: With pleasure...
Lord Victor Nefarius: The Warchief shall make quick work of you, mortals. Prepare yourselves!
Lord Victor Nefarius: Taste in my power! (upon buffing Gyth)
Lord Victor Nefarius: Your victory shall be short lived. The days of both the Alliance and Horde are coming to an end. The next time we meet shall be the last.

Patches and hotfixes

World of Warcraft Patch 1.6.0 (12-Jul-2005): Added in Blackwing Lair.

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