Volkhan is the second boss in the Halls of Lightning, located in the Iron Crucible. The Sons of Hodir consider him a threat to their existence, and thus send players to destroy him in N [80D] Diametrically Opposed.


Volkhan is a fire giant who is employed under the service of Loken inside the Halls of Lightning. Volkhan works many days and nights to create Golems to further the numbers of Lokens armies, until one day 5 champions of the Sons of Hodir slew the mighty fire smith and halt the production on more Golems for Lokens armies and eventually the mad titan watcher himself.


This is a fairly simple fight.

He hits the tank for medium damage. At every 20% of his health, he runs to his anvil and casts "Temper", which produces several molten golem adds. The adds do not hit hard but do cast Immolation. Instead of dying, they become "frozen."

Once he has cast Temper several times he will cast Shattering Stomp which causes the frozen golems to shatter for ~5k damage each. If the golems are stacked, the stomp can one-shot party members. However, Shattering Stomp has a cast time and is emoted, allowing players to move away from any frozen golems.

A well-geared tank can off-tank the adds instead of killing them, avoiding the issue of shattering. This will also allow the group to obtain the heroic Money achievement.png Shatter Resistant achievement.


Normal Mode
Inv sword 91.png
Inv helmet 107.png
Inv pants plate 02.png
Inv misc cape 20.png

Heroic Mode
Inv belt 26.png
Inv misc cape 06.png
Inv gauntlets 16.png
Inv boots chain 07.png
Spell holy summonchampion.png


  • It is you who have destroyed my children? You... shall... pay!
  • Life from the lifelessness... death for you.
  • Nothing is wasted in the process. You will see...
  • I will crush you beneath my boots!
  • All my work... undone!
Killing a player
  • The armies of iron will conquer all!
  • Ha, pathetic!
  • You have cost me too much work!
  • The master was right... to be concerned.


His name is a reference to the Roman deity Vulcan, god of fire and weaponsmith of the gods.

Volkhan has the same voice actor as The Prophet Tharon'ja. Who that is, however, is a mystery.

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