Vyragosa is an elite rare mob blue dragon in the Storm Peaks.


Vyragosa (Also known as Vyra for short) is an 80 Rare Elite in the Storm Peaks. She is hostile to players, and flies about 40-100 yards off the ground. In order to tag and kill her, the player must either fly through her and drag her to a nearby ledge on one of the mountains, or attack and use slow fall or use a [Snowfall Lager] to slow fall to the ground. However, take caution that she will use Frost Breath as a main attack. It is a 30 yard range ability that deals 1500 - 2100 damage and slows the target for about 3 seconds. Frost Breath is interruptible.

Death Knights have it easier; they can land on a nearby ledge or cliff and use Death Grip to pull her over if she is close enough. If not, get as close to the ground as possible with Death Grip in range, and pull her down, minimizing damage taken.


One of Vyragosa's known spawn locations is

[37.2, 71]

Another is

[30.3, 68]

Relation to the Time-Lost Proto Drake

Vyragosa is said to share spawn points and timers with the Time-Lost Proto Drake, another 80 Rare elite in the Storm peaks. While Vyragosa and the Time-Lost Proto Drake share spawn timers and points, the Drake is suspected to be a "Rare spawn" off of Vyragosa, and has a small chance to spawn in Vyragosa's place. The spawn timer is said to be anywhere from 6-24 hours, although there are unconfirmed instances of the spawn timer to be less than 6 hours, but never more than 24. The Spawning time is randomly chosen.

Vyragosa and the Time-Lost Proto Drake spawn at various points around the Storm Peaks, with 4 confirmed paths around the Temple of Storms, around Frosthold, over Ulduar the Terrace of the Makers and the Engine of the makers, and through Brunnhildar and the Foot Steppes. The spawning point is said to be randomly chosen.



Vyragosa is a criteria of the achievements:

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