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For the in-game book and section of the History of Warcraft providing an official account of this event, see War of the Spider (History of Warcraft).
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War of the Spider
War of the Spider
Place: Northrend
Outcome: Scourge victory, fallen Nerubians added to the ranks of the Undead.

Surviving nerubians are no longer in the rank of the Old Gods' forces.
Nerubian Empire is destroyed.


The War of the Spider was a conflict between the fledgling undead army of the Lich King and the Nerubian Empire of Azjol-Nerub in Northrend.

The war began when the spider-lords sent their elite forces to attack the Icecrown. The Nerubians were immune to the Lich King's Plague of Undeath and powers of mental domination, so in the following ten years the Nerubians fought with a strong and effective guerilla-tactic which the Lich King could hardly battle against. After that ten years Ner'zhul and his dreadlords won by invading their subterranean capital Azjol-Nerub with enormous mass of undead and the cunning Nathrezim, destroying the crypts and tunnels of the spider empire.

According to Kilix the Unraveler, it was during this invasion that the Nerubians came across the hostile Faceless ones at the heart of their empire, and were destroyed by the two enemies of the Scourge and Yogg-Saron.[1]

The Nerubian corpses weren't immune to resurrection, so following the conflict, the Lich King incorporated the Nerubian crypt fiends and crypt lords into his ranks, and adopted the Nerubian architectural style as his own. Among those risen was the former lord of the Nerubians Anub'arak, who went on to assist Arthas Menethil in his rush to defend the Icecrown and ultimately merge with the imprisoned Ner'zhul, becoming the current Lich King.


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