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This article is about the in-game, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Outland boss. For the in-game, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Draenor boss, see Boss Kargath Bladefist. For the character biography and Warcraft II appearances, see Kargath Bladefist.

Warchief Kargath Bladefist is the final boss of the Shattered Halls, the third wing of Hellfire Citadel in Outland's Hellfire Peninsula.


Danath Trollbane in Honor Hold and Nazgrel in Thrallmar give quests to kill Kargath and bring back his bladed fist.


Execution Order (Horde):

  • It looks like we have a ranking officer among our amusing. Execute the green-skinned dog at once!


  • Ours is the TRUE Horde! The only Horde!
  • I'll carve the meat from your bones!
  • I am called Bladefist for a reason. As you will see.

Killing a player:

  • I am the ONLY warchief!
  • For the real Horde!

If pulled too far:

  • Cowards! You'll never pull me into the shadows!


  • The true Horde... will prevail.


Normal and Heroic Drops
Inv gauntlets 10.png
Inv weapon hand 05.png
Inv qirajidol rebirth.png
Inv gauntlets 10.png
Inv gauntlets 29.png
Inv gauntlets 16.png
Inv pants plate 01.png
Inv gauntlets 27.png
Inv misc gem lionseye 01.png
Inv hammer 23.png
Inv wand 18.png
Inv gauntlets 25.png
Inv elemental primal nether.png2020
Inv weapon hand 03.png

Heroic Only Drops
Spell holy championsbond.png200200
Inv bracer 13.png
Inv boots chain 05.png
Inv bracer 02.png
Inv weapon hand 10.png
Inv summerfest symbol medium.png

Jewels (Heroic Only)
Inv jewelcrafting nobletopaz 03.png
Inv jewelcrafting talasite 03.png
Inv jewelcrafting nightseye 03.png

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