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Warcraft: The Board Game was released in 2003, a year before World of Warcraft was released. It is based more on the Warcraft III video games. An expansion to the board game paralleling Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne was also released a year later in 2004.

Only the Ruthless Survive!

The magical world of Azeroth is being torn apart by a bloody, devastating war. The Orc hordes are on the rampage once more, trying to reclaim their lost glory. The Human Alliance has gathered to face the Orc Menace, but is being troubled by mysterious plagues and death cults. Driven by the terrible Lich King, the Undead Scourge is spreading Plague across the land and swelling its ranks with the corpses of the fallen. The mysterious Night Elves, protectors of the forest, fight to defend their home against those who would defile it.
The award-winning Warcraft(R) computer game explodes off the computer screen and onto your game table! In Warcraft: The Board Game, you take control of one of the four mighty races and charge into battle for control of Azeroth. To win, you must manage your resources wisely so you can train and upgrade your troops while fighting furiously against your opponents.
In a time of chaos, do you have what it takes to survive?[1]


Based on the popular series of video games, Warcraft: The Board Game continues FFG's tradition of high-quality, innovative board games. Warcraft features an adaptable/expandable geomorphic board, exciting components, and the innovative "Command/Movement" system that simulates the real-time action and excitement of the Warcraft computer game.

Player take command of an army of Night Elves, Humans, Orcs or Undead. Harvest gold and wood, build a strong village, and set out to conquer and destroy![1]


  • 13 Board Pieces
  • 40 Wooden Melee Unit Markers
  • 28 Wooden Ranged Unit Markers
  • 16 Wooden Flying Unit Markers
  • 4 Town Interfaces
  • 8 Outpost Markers
  • 32 Building Tiles
  • 32 Worker Markers
  • 36 Unit Tiles
  • 84 Spell Cards
  • 50 Gold Tokens
  • 50 Wood Tokens
  • 18 Depletion Tokens
  • 4 Battle Dice
  • 1 Resource Die
  • 14 Quest Tokens



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