Warden Mellichar is a blood elf, and a key NPC of the Arcatraz in Tempest Keep. He appears to be under the control of Harbinger Skyriss as he refers to him as "Oh great one" when he releases him from his cell. Skyriss kills him once released. He was apparently dispatched by Kael'thas to keep what was in Arcatraz under lock and key.

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Warden Mellichar will not actually fight you himself. He spawns four bosses, one at a time, however they are on a time limit so they must be killed quickly. If you kill them fast enough you will have time to drink before the next one is released. The last wave is Harbinger Skyriss, so make sure your party is prepared to fight him. Millhouse Manastorm is spawned before the second wave to help aid you. If a wipe is certain, you may run out of the room to reset the encounter. If you do wipe on this encounter, Warden Mellichar will respawn within a few minutes. Forcing the reset will cause Warden Mellichar and any active mini-bosses to despawn and thus force Warden's respawn timer to begin, so unfortunately you will need to wait.

Opening speech

  • Yells: I knew the prince would be angry but, I... I have not been myself. I had to let them out! The great one speaks to me, you see. Wait--outsiders. Kael'thas did not send you! Good... I'll just tell the prince you released the prisoners! The naaru kept some of the most dangerous beings in existence here in these cells. Let me introduce you to another....
    <First mob is released>
  • Yes, yes... another! Your will is mine! Behold another terrifying creature of incomprehensible power!
    <Millhouse Manastorm is released.>
  • What is this? A lowly gnome? I will do better, oh great one.
    <Third mob is released.>
  • Anarchy! Bedlam! Oh, you are so wise! Yes, I see it now, of course!
    <Fourth mob is released.>
  • Yes, O great one, right away!
    <Skyriss is released.>
  • Welcome, O great one. I am your humble servant.
    <Skyriss kills Mellichar.>

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