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Warsong Lumber Camp after the Cataclysm, as seen from Alliance camp

The Warsong Clans lumber-cutting camp (Warsong Lumber Camp

[85, 61]

) was established sometime after the Third War. It is NOT the camp Grom Hellscream built to cut lumber for his warchief, because this camp is too far away from the entrance to the Barrens, and too near the entrance to Azshara. It is likely that the Warsongs built the lumber-cutting camp away from their former lumber-cutting camp for unknown reasons after their leader's death, perhaps to get more lumber. (see Warsong Labor Camp).

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It is much larger than the other camp, and is likely being used for the several small towns and expansions the orcs are making. It also might be a way to keep the demons of Felfire Hill penned in between them and Splintertree Post, to prevent threats caused by the Burning Legion.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Much of the lumber camp has been taken by the Alliance, and the Alliance now has a quest hub here.[1] The battle between the Horde and Alliance has reached a new pitch, with forces clashing in the central area. A number of Warsong Shredders, both active and inactive, are scattered throughout the camp.


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