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For Warcraft III unit statistics, see Watch Tower (Warcraft III).

Watch tower in WCIII.

A watch tower in the Barrens.

Watch tower seen at Cataclysm cinematic.

Rising high above the treeline, watch towers resemble primitive huts laced with animal bones and giant tusks of every kind. These insubstantial — but highly useful — lookout posts are ideal for spotting the human forces from above, making them a desired part of any Orcish settlement’s defenses. These emplacements may be upgraded to loose deadly projectiles upon any approaching enemies, or to rain explosive death down upon their foes on land and sea...[1] (WC2man 79)

Watch towers can be used to guard embattled orcish settlements, and provide static defense against land and air attacks.[2] (W3Man 44)

Troll watch towers can be found in Stranglethorn Vale (Such as at the gates of Zul'Gurub), and in Tanaris (At Sandsorrow Watch). This may show that watch towers are at least partly of troll origin.

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