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West of Stonetalon

What's going in the grey?

Hidden logging camp in Stonetalon

A small, nearly inaccessible coastal zone west of the Stonetalon Mountains and surrounded by mountains on the western coast of Kalimdor. It appears on most world maps, but is not clearly demarcated and has yet to have a name or significant information.

Has been mentioned as being a splinter Pandaren Settlement[1] (A&HC 21), as potential starting area for a new race.

It is not accessible by foot, however, it is completely empty. There are three small points of interest from it: An empty Venture Co camp, some night elf ruins and a troll hut to the north.

Around the mountains of the area, down to Sun Rock Retreat, a logging camp can be seen in the middle of the mountains. This camp consists of many cranes on mountains, a shredder with walkway, an entire lumber mill, a crane with a swinging bunch of logs, and a cave with a see-through wall.

This area - similar to Northshire River - is viewable while taking a taxi flight, and was presumably intended as eye candy for the long flights that pass through this area.

Since the launch of WoD, the Night Elf ruins have been moved to the cliff overlooking the Troll hut, where they used to be on the other side. The Troll hut has not moved however. Speculation points to this being an in-progress questing zone, or possibly a Dev testing zone.

Logging Camp

Along with what is previously stated above about the logging camp, there is also a burning airplane (the same as the ones found in Gnomeregan) that sits atop a cliff on the lower part of the mountain wall, not too far above the cave. The plane appears to have crashed into the mountain wall. Further examination also led me to find a little cliff, a little to the west of the burning plane, that contained three small helipads. Two of which were occupied by the same type of airplane, one was empty, and one had a deactivated shredder standing next to the ramp that led up to the plane.

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