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Westbrook Garrison

Westbrook Garrison is considered by some to be the last bastion of order heading west of Stormwind. The garrison is located in Forest's Edge on the western end of Elwynn Forest near the border with Westfall. It is apparently near the town of Westridge[citation needed]. Beyond the garrison lie the dry fields of Westfall, currently controlled by agents of the Defias Brotherhood and their dreaded mechanical harvesters.

Westbrook Garrison fields excursions and patrols against the gnoll marauders lurking along the borders of Westfall and Elwynn Forest. The Garrison holds Westbrook and ensures that gnolls and bandits do not gain a strong foothold in Stormwind-held territory. The Stormwind guard tends to use Westbrook Garrison as a testing ground for newly initiated knights. These units are exactly the sort that regularly patrol the area around the Garrison and surrounding settlements. This garrison holds Elwynn's western border and protects the region from gnoll attacks. The soldiers and mercenaries within are a loud and brawling bunch, eager for tales from the road; they enjoy a good mug of ale and a good fight. There are several units in Westbrook Garrison, and Captain Sumner Trask is one of the commanding officers.[1] (LoC 49-50)

South of the garrison the forest is full of gnolls. Beyond, only a river separates Elwynn Forest from shadowy Duskwood. The brave defenders of the garrison work night and day to protect the citizens of Elwynn from the dangers beyond the forest[citation needed].

Several wanted posters at the garrison give the quest to kill Hogger, an elite gnoll found in the camps to the south.


People at the Garrison


Westridge G.

In the Lands of Conflict map, this location is marked by "Westridge G.", but it is established in the text that Westridge is a town and that Westbrook Garrison is a separate location, situated near the same area. Westridge G. was most likely a typo.

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