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Whisper Gulch

Whisper Gulch concept art

Whisper Gulch is found in the Howling Fjord, to the north of Westguard Keep. This location features an area whisper from a set of "Unknown Voices" telling the player subversive things:

"They are coming for you."
"Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends."
"You are a pawn of forces unseen."
"It WAS your fault."
"There is no escape. Not in this life. Not in the next."
"They have turned against you. Now... take your revenge."
"Kill them all... Before they kill you."
"Give in to your fear."

The Deranged Explorers are indicative of an unknown force where they have been working. They appear to be suffering the same affliction as the prisoners in the Saronite Mines in Icecrown.

"If you're here, then IT might be close behind!"
"It'll all be over soon. Soon you will be in the embrace of That Which Must Not Be Named!"
"I will put an end to your life before you realize the horrible truth!"
"Now you'll have to join us... permanently!"
"The truth shall set you free. Like us, you will be with IT forever!"
"You cannot leave... IT mustn't find us!"
"I don't want to know anymore. Make me forget!"
"Now that you know the truth, I can't let you leave!"
"Intruder! You were sent to destroy us!"
"If only there were more time!"
"The end is nigh! Which Must Not Be Named is almost free!"
"IT's coming! HIDE!"


Yogg-Saron connection

It is very likely that the whispers and the effect of the ore are caused by Yogg-Saron, the Old God whose prison resides in Northrend. This is supported by the dread elders' common theme of whispering to lesser beings when attempting to subvert them to their cause, and the fact that the area is packed with Saronite, which is derived from Yogg-Saron. In addition, mind control and madness are tools that the Old Gods and their followers use frequently.

A Wrinkle in Time

The references to "IT," specifically IT in all capital letters, is reminiscent of the novel A Wrinkle in Time. In the novel, a powerful enemy referred to as IT is corrupting worlds. IT takes control of peoples' minds, and uses their bodies to serve IT's purposes. IT claims to have the truth, and that letting oneself be taken into IT will bring peace and happiness forever.