Wind Trader Mu'fah is the ambassador to the blue dragonflight sent by the Ethereum, who plans to align with them. He is found in Moonrest Gardens in Dragonblight. Mu'fah is waiting for an audience with Goramosh, but is delayed by one of his underlings, a Dragonblight Mage Hunter. It would appear that he has been there for awhile, as he threatens to call off the negotiations. Waiting greatly irritates him. In fact, when attacked, he seems more annoyed by the meeting being further delayed than by the attempt being made on his life.

Objective of


  • Typhoon- Summons a violent typhoon that inflicts 602 to 698 nature damage and knocks back all nearby enemies in it's path.


While waiting to get in, Mu'fah says any of these statements:

  • Your surge needle appears to have worked perfectly. Surely Goramosh now has time to speak further of the proposed accord?
  • I was personally assured by Malygos that your commander would make the deals of this accord his top priority. Now let me pass!
  • This is insufferable! I represent a nexus-prince, I am not to be made to wait! Goramosh should be waiting on me!
  • I have been waiting here an eternity since our last meeting! When will Goramosh be done with his ritual?
  • If I have to wait much longer, I will be forced to reconsider the proposed accord between the Ethereum and the Blue Dragonflight!
  • Yes, yes, I am given to understand that the ley line has already been diverted. I will wait no longer... summon Goramosh this instant!
  • You are nothing but an underling! I will not wait a moment longer! Escort me to Goramosh immediately!
  • You will tell your commander that I will not wait a moment longer! Does he want this alliance or not?!

However, the Dragonblight Mage Hunter blocking the entrance responds with any one of these:

  • My apologies, ambassador. My orders were quite clear.
  • Goramosh is busy with a ritual right now.
  • My orders are that you must wait here.
  • The master will be with you shortly.
  • You'll have to be patient.
  • It won't be long now.
  • I cannot.
  • No.

On aggro:

  • What's this, more delays?!


  • Mu'fah is one of the only Ethereals in Azeroth. The majority of his kind reside in Outland.

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