The Winterfall tribe of furbolgs inhabit the snowy mountains of Winterspring. Adapted to their environment, most of them have white fur, though some also brown fur like other tribes. Their largest settlement is Winterfall Village in the far east of Winterspring, near Everlook, where their chieftain High Chief Winterfall resides. They have conquered Timbermaw Post in western Winterspring, and often travel to the hot springs nearby.

Former allies of the Timbermaw tribe, they have grown increasingly aggressive to them and other inhabitants of Winterspring. As Salfa explains, they are now at war, so killing Winterfall furbolgs will increase your reputation with Timbermaw Hold. A dwarf named Donova Snowden needs some aid in researching the reasons for their hostility. The demon Xandivious corrupts them through the use of Winterfall Firewater.

Known Winterfalls