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The Wintersaber Trainers is an Alliance-only faction consisting of only two night elven NPCs that can both be found in Winterspring. Currently, the only questgiver is Rivern Frostwind who is located at the top of Frostsaber Rock in Winterspring. Upon reaching exalted with this faction, Rivern will sell a special mount, the Winterspring Frostsaber.

The faction was noted for having the longest and most repetitive reputation grind of the entire game, though the reputation grind was made easier with the addition of A [50] They Grow Up So Fast, a quest that allows you to do daily quests, along with the ability to fly in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. It is slightly faster with the guild perk Mr. Popularity (5% reputation gain from quests and killing monsters, guild level 4+). Currently, the daily quests given by the Winterspring Cub will get you from Neutral to Exalted by running 20 daily quests.


Wintersaber faction.png

Players start at neutral​​ with Wintersaber Trainers. In order to reach exalted​​/get the Reins of the Wintersaber Frostsaber one has to complete a total of 22 Quests.

The first stage of questing requires you to complete {questlong|Alliance|50|Get Them While They're Young} which boosts you to friendly​​.

The second stage requires you to complete the quest {questlong|Alliance|50|They Grow Up So Fast). To complete this quest, which reward the Reins, you have to have 20 Rugged Leather, 20 Runecloth, 80 Gold and 20 Winterspring Cub Whiskers. Those Whiskers are only available as a quest reward for one of the four dailies ({questlong|Alliance|A Cub's Cravings} {questlong|Alliance|'Borrowing' From the Winterfall} {questlong|Alliance|Cub's First Toy} {questlong|Alliance|Hunting Practice}) which are offered by the Wintersaber Cub you got as a reward for the first quest. Every daily grants 1800 Rep which means you will reach exalted before getting the mount.


Before The Burning Crusade was released, the first two available quests (A [60] Frostsaber Provisions and A [60] Winterfall Intrusion) only gave 50 reputation each, and A [60] Rampaging Giants gave 75 reputation. That meant that you were to complete a total of 840 quests (746 if you included the A [60] Rampaging Giants quest in each round) before you could buy this mount; note that at level 60 the mobs were a lot harder to kill than at level 70 or 80. With the release of the expansion the reputation gain increased from 50 rep per quest to 75, and 100 for Rampaging Giants, lowering the number of quest turn-ins to 560 (or 546 with the giants) to reach Exalted. Patch 2.3 increased the reputation gained with many pre-Outland factions, including the Wintersaber Trainers, boosting the first two quests to 250 reputation each and Rampaging Giants to 350 reputation. This lowered the number of turn-ins to 168 (153 with the giants), making this mount far more obtainable.

The existence of the Wintersaber Trainers used to be a cause for complaints for many players on the Horde side, seeing as there was no Horde counterpart for the Trainers and their mount. However, as of Patch 3.2, the Ravasaur trainers in Un'Goro have been implemented, thus providing such a Horde-only counterpart.

This faction's mount was the only epic ground mount (100% riding speed) attainable in the game which only requires 75 Riding Skill, before mounts scaled with riding skill.


  • At one point, blood elves were not hostile to this faction and could receive neutral upon interacting with them - the quests could not be attained though. This was fixed, and they are hostile to blood elves, and even in the armory the faction is gone. [1]
  • Much like how the Ravenholdt faction used to work, there is presently no way to return your reputation to Neutral from Unfriendly should you decide to go At War and kill any Wintersaber Trainers units. Any quests you may have gotten before becoming Unfriendly will remain in your quest log but cannot be turned in.