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The tower that houses the portal to the Wizard's Sanctum.

Northeast view of the interior of the Wizard's Sanctum.

Southwest view of the interior of the Wizard's Sanctum.

The Wizard's Sanctum houses the Academy of Arcane Sciences[1] (also known as the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences[2]). This vine-covered tower sits in the western part of Stormwind City. For a long time, the Academy was considered to be the second-best school of magic compared to Dalaran, but since that region's destruction by the demons and undead, the northern mages fled to Stormwind and took up residence in the tower. It is full to bursting with mages, and some say it is difficult to get a word in edgewise with the differing opinions inside. Yet, as it is the only magic school left in the east, few complain openly.[1]

It is a location deep under Stormwind in which the Alliance's sorcerers and archmagi research, train, and experiment. After the fall of Dalaran, many young wizards and mages relocated to Stormwind City's Mage Quarter, where bountiful ley energies still lay untainted by the Burning Legion.[citation needed] Led by Maginor Dumas, the magi strive to decipher arcane mysteries and uncover eldritch lore. Larimaine Purdue, the resident portalmancer, has created a rift portal deep in the Sanctum. She keeps the portal under close guard, and for now, will not let anyone venture through its swirling vortex.

The Sanctum houses Stormwind wizards' guild, the Academy of the Arcane Sciences, and is currently one of the foremost centers of human arcane research and study today. Many high elves also seek refuge in the arcane halls, quenching their addiction and thirst for power in a safe environment.

Several female mages can frequently be found outside of the Sanctum, discussing in great and confusing detail about topics such as portals and polarity — however, if one listens closely, it is revealed that they are merely trying to develop a love potion for one of the group's crushes ("All this for a love potion? He better be worth it...").

Access to the Tower

For mages in training or for those seeking travel through the Blasted Lands portal, access is gained by going up the ramp and climbing to the highest part of the tower. The Blasted Lands portal is first; the portal granting entry to the Sanctum is higher up.



  • The tower may be loosely based on the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas, from the Dragonlance universe. This is supported by the portal in the very top and the small garden area it is surrounded by.